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APEX M&P .45 Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit
Sale price: $92.95

What it does: 

The APEX 45 Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) was designed to provide the M&P 45 pistol owner a smooth, consistent 5 - 5.5 lb trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger reset.  All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top end, service pistol.  The kit itself is engineered to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing (however, armorer or gunsmith installation is recommended).

Parts included:  7 Pcs 

1.     APEX Fully Machined Sear for .45 ACP

  • APEX M&P Ultimate Striker Block Kit (USB kit)  

2.     Ultimate Striker Block

3.     USB Spring

4.     Talon Tactical Tool

 5.   1/8" Sear Spring*

       6.   Trigger Return Spring

       7.   Aluminum slave pin  

*This kit no longer contains a Small 1/16" sear plunger spring.  If your gun has the 1/16" sear spring, we recommend purchasing a new sear housing block, if you are unable to obtain a new sear housing block, we recommend the use of the factory sear spring.

45 DCAEK Install Video Part 1 

45 DCAEK Install Video Part 2    

(Same as Standard DCAEK Install for 1 & 2)  

What it does & Expected results:

  • Shortens over-travel.
  • Smooth trigger pull.
  • Keeps pistol at a safe 5-5.5 lb trigger pull weight for Duty/Carry applications. 

   Applicable to what guns:  


Customer Reviews

Review by  Cajunredfish
(posted on Jun 21, 2013)
I have a S&W M&P 45 full size and put the DCAEK in it and now I love how the kit changed the way it shoots it took the grit out of the S&W trigger pull and made it smooth the gun stay's on target now shot after shot I was about to trade the M&P in to get another 1911 but I found on the net that APEX makes the best trigger kit's on the market for S&W M&P gun's. Yall have a life time byer of yall after market part's...Thanks for making my S&W M&P 45 the gun it should have been out of the BOX...YALL ROCK!!!!!
Review by  DIRTYJOE
(posted on Feb 03, 2013)
I can not believe the difference in my 45fs. dcaek+5th gen. stainless striker+ kkm barrel, using hornady 165gr critical defense= 2" groups at 25 yards. enough said! zombies beware....
Review by  Drew v
(posted on Sep 24, 2012)
I purchased this get for my 45c and it's a huge improvement on the stock trigger. It's lighter and you could feel and hear the reset much better. Having never taking my gun apart it was fairly easy to install. The customer service was also great in answer my questions and getting me lined out it what I needed. I am very happy with the kit and the service. I will be buying another kit for my full size gun very soon.
Review by  Benito S
(posted on Aug 28, 2012)
Awesome upgrade!

Well worth the price, and really not that difficult to install yourself (assuming you have the inclination and proper tools). Definitely cleaned up the grittiness of the stock trigger pull, and resulted in a more positive reset.

Can't wait for the soon-to-be released RAM kit for the 45...

Just do it - - you'll have no regrets!
Review by  Ray W.
(posted on May 31, 2012)
BY Ray W. MAY 31 2012 I picked up a new S&W M&P 45acp,what a nice gun. It just fits the hand perfectly. Mine is the 4in barrel 10 shot. I love the sights 3 big white dots easy to see. Now the trigger not very good,very gridie take up and heavy pull. I would have to say about 8 lbs. The trigger needed help, help came in the APEX 45 Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit(DCAEK). I watched the Videos by APEX on how to install the Kit a couple of times and then gave it a try I have worked on guns before. The Kit took me about 30-40 minutes to put in. I took my time and did things right. REMEMBER!!! some things will be tight so don't try to force them. The end result is a much smoother take-up and much lighter trigger pull about 5 lbs. Is the KIT worth installing and the price YOU BETTER BELIVE IT IS.
Review by  junior1954
(posted on Jan 25, 2012)
I bought the M&P .45 full size after I researched it online. I was aware of the grainy, 6+lb trigger pull when I bought it and wasn't surprised. I installed the Apex DCAEK Tactical kit and installed it before I fired my first shot through the gun, although I left the stock trigger spring in (I wanted around a 4lb pull rather than the Tactical kits 5-5 1/2 lbs the Tactical kit advertised). I'm not a great shot, but I was able to get shot groups of about 3" at 10yds, 6" at 15yds. This gun makes me look good-the trigger is smooth as silk and the gun stays on target when the trigger is squeezed. The DCAEK kit took me about twenty minutes to install, thanks to the great videos available on You-Tube (I'm an X-auto mechanic but have never opened up a semi-auto pistol before). I can't imagine why anyone with an M&P wouldn't want the Apex DCAEK kit-it makes a good gun into a great one.
Review by  hydro
(posted on Jan 21, 2012)
I'm hearing mixed reviews both you can and cannot install the DCAEK on a M&P 45c? Is there some difficulty installing in the M&P 45c compared to the reg M&P 45?
Review by  NB
(posted on Jan 14, 2012)
I ordered this kit when I picked up my new M&P knowing the factory trigger left much to be desired. I've shot a friend's M&P with an excellent trigger job done by a local gun smith and I'm amazed that this kit not only costs much less, feels the same or better, and has a much more noticeable reset. I also showed it to that same gun smith who is now going to look into offering Apex products.
This is going to be a carry gun but I'm thinking about buying another just for fun and mods. An Apex kit will be the absolute first thing done to it.

Keep up the great work!
Review by  Chris O
(posted on Jan 03, 2012)
As normal the M&P trigger has more of a mush type trigger and almost impossiblr to feel the reset. I installed the DCAEK kit as well as polished all contact points and now we have a absolutly near perfect trigger pull. though it is not like both of my 9mm's you can still stage the trigger for the one precise shot you may need to take and when you move your finger from the frame you know exactly when the firearm is ready to fire. Anyone that owns a S&W M&P needs to put in the ApexTacticle trigger kits. I have done over 30 M&P's for shooters at our range and they actually put thier Glocks back in their case and constanly were amazed at the simplicity and clean reset of the Apex. To get my Glocks to come close it requires a Fulcrum Trigger or hours of work to match what you can accomplish in 1 hour or less for the M&P
Review by  Mist
(posted on Oct 15, 2011)
The trigger on my recently purchased 45C was gritty and extremely heavy. I was disappointed to say the least. Research lead me to the Apex Tactical DCAEK. I figured for a small investment I couldn't afford NOT to give it a try. I installed the DCAEK and immediately noticed a difference during dry fire. I went to the range and was amazed. What a difference! Apex Tactical transformed my Smith 45C from a red headed step-child into a prom queen.
Review by  Todd Brewer
(posted on Sep 29, 2011)
My order got messed up weather it was my fault or not. I send an email and had a return call the same day from Scott. He fixed my order and sent it out. I just got today and cant wait to install it in my 45 ACP to see how it fixed the problem I give coodoo,s to Scott and Randy and the rest of the gang at Apex for a very good product and good customer service . Todd
Review by  CD
(posted on Jul 20, 2011)
All I can say is wow what a difference this kit made. A must have for anyone with an MP 45.
Review by  CB
(posted on Jun 09, 2011)
Wow what a difference this kit made. I made it a gun that i was so so happy with to a great carry piece with a nice trigger. Thank you so much for engineering this kit. I showed my kit to the my local gun shop and they happily installed it for me and are thinking about stocking it since they are a very reputable gun dealer ( Tanners Sport Center in Jamison PA ). You won't be dissappointed.
Review by  SGB
(posted on Jan 21, 2011)
My bud picked up a M&P 45 as he loved the ergonomics of the gun, at least until he shot it. After taking it to the range he as ready to sell it as he hated the mushy feel of the trigger. We put the DCAEK in it and took it back to the range and man what a difference in the trigger .......... needless to say the M&P is now a keeper and we eagerly await further such outstanding products from you guys.

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