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APEX M&P Fully Machined Sear
Sale price: $41.95

What it does:

The Apex Fully Machined Sear was designed to enhance the performance of what we consider an outstanding pistol. Our modified geometry will not only  improve the over-travel and sear reset characteristics, but dramatically reduce the trigger pull weight in most pistols to sub 5 lbs. This sear is made from heat treated A-2 tool steel for durability and long service life.

Parts included:  1 Piece 

1.  APEX Fully Machined Sear


Expected results: 

  • Shortened over-travel.
  • Improved reset.
  • Reduced trigger pull weight (Sub 5 lbs.)  

Applicable to what guns:
  • The Apex Fully Machined Sear fits the current production model M&P series pistols (including Shield) in 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W ONLY.

Note:  You may need to make an adjustment to the trigger bar loop for proper function.  If you should need to tune your trigger bar, please follow the instructions on the following video, Trigger Bar Loop Adjustment. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Lane Moore
(posted on Feb 28, 2014)
Sear is easy to install after watching the installation video. Sear did not quite meet my trigger pull expectations on my gun. Pull was 5.5 lbs after sear change. I called Apex and after sending pictures of the sear for gunsmith review, I was sent a custom sear that brought the pull weight down to just over 4 lbs. Excellent product and excellent customer service.
Review by  jfwright1955
(posted on Feb 08, 2014)
Why Did I Wait So Long!?

I'd been sitting on the fence for some time regarding installing the Apex hard sear in my other M&Ps despite all of the good reviews. That's especially mystifying to me because I've already got one installed on my M&P9L Pro C.O.R.E. and so I already knew how good it was. Go figure! :-\

Well, I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and bought and installed them in my 9mm and .40 S&W full sized M&Ps and also my .40 S&W Shield.

After upgrading the remainder of my M&P fleet all I can say it, "what a difference!".

The reduced trigger pull has improved my groupings probably more than I'd hoped for with all three of the pistols. The accuracy of the full sized M&Ps is now closer to that of my M&P9L Pro C.O.R.E..

The tighter groupings is especially noticeable with the Shield. Because of it's short design any deviation while pulling the trigger through and across the break will effect shot placement. The lighter pull of the Apex trigger with the hard sear has really helped me control that process better. The smoother trigger pull and follow-through has resulted in a much tighter grouping profile.

So, if you're sitting on the fence like I was just go ahead and shell out the $40 plus change to install the Apex hard sear in your M&P. It'll be one of the most inexpensive performance upgrades you'll make while gaining you the most improvement in overall performance for the cost.
Review by  Larry S
(posted on Aug 30, 2013)
This product makes marksmanship with an M&P much more possible. A huge difference in trigger feel and release!!! The hype surrounding Apex products is WELL justified.
Review by  39papa
(posted on Aug 22, 2013)
I recently installed just the Apex Fully Machined Sear in my M&P Shield - what a difference. It dropped the trigger pull from well over 6 lbs to 4 lbs 2 oz (average of 10 pulls) with a nice clean break. This is the same Sear as in the Shield Duty/Carry kit. I was fortunate because the take up on this trigger did not exhibit the typical M&P grittiness. The install was straight forward and quick. I should mention that I took the time to polish the Sear to a mirror finish before the install. Did this really help? don't know - but I'm sure it didn't hurt.
I highly recommend the Apex products, I have them in all four of my M&P's.
Review by  39papa
(posted on Jul 22, 2013)
I recently installed the Hard Sear and the Ultimate Striker Block in my M&P9 Pro. What a difference! There is still a long take up but it's butter smooth - then a clean crisp 3 pound 11 ounce break for the trigger. The install was easy - it turns the firearm into the gun it should have been from the factory. Highly recommended. As a matter of fact I liked the improvement so much I just installed the same items (hard sear, ultimate striker block) in the M&P45 I'm rebuilding. The results on the M&P45 were also very good. Same long butter smooth take up on the trigger - I'm OK with the long take up because neither of these guns have a manual safety and then a 4 pound 1 ounce crisp clean break. Dollar for dollar one of the best investments you can make for your M&P.
Review by  Big red
(posted on Jun 19, 2013)

The first time to the range with my m&p 9mm, I was somewhat disappointed due to the overall trigger action.The trigger pull was so Heavy that my groupings was all over the place.Then I heard about Randy Lee from apex Tactical,and purchased the Ultimate Striker Block & Fully machined Sear Kits. Just returned from the range today, I could not believe the difference it made, it felt like a different gun. My groupings were consistent unlike before and accuracy for me was off the charts.I really enjoyed shooting my M&P unlike before.....Thank YOU.
Review by  Jim
(posted on May 14, 2013)
When I purchased my M&P9, the only thing I did not like about it was the trigger and I knew I would have to make a change. I did not like the 6.5 pound pull and the gritty feel. I installed the Apex hard sear after it only took 4 days for it to arrive. Before I installed it, I polished it to a high sheen with a Dremal tool using polishing compound and 2000 grit sand paper. Next I polished the trigger bar where it contacts the sear and the ramp area where it contacts the striker block with 2000 grit sand paper. This area of the trigger bar was a little rough from the stamping process and most likely caused the gritting feel. After assembly of the sear, I measured the trigger pull at 4.5 pounds. The gritty feel was gone and felt smooth. The break and reset were crisp unlike the stock sear. The next day I put 100 rounds through it and what a different pistol. All I can say is wow, thanks Apex for a great product.
Review by  Relic
(posted on Apr 27, 2013)
Just got this sear in the mail about an hour ago. Fast shipping, only took three days. The installation of the sear was easy. I only used a hammer, a 1/8 inch punch, and a plastic cutting board to keep from marring the frame. The trigger is absolutely fantastic now. I would not only recommend this ptoduct, I would say that the M&P NEEDS this sear. Awesome ptoduct. Thank you Apex Tactical.
Review by  modraker
(posted on Mar 07, 2013)
The Apex Hard Sear and Ultimate Striker Block turned my M&P Pro into an even better pistol. The gritty trigger uptake is gone and the trigger pull is now a very smooth 4.0 lbs. There's just one word to describe this company and its products --- excellent!
Review by  Mr
(posted on Nov 30, 2012)
I installed in minutes with the ultimate striker block and keeping stock springs, one word to say is amazing! The break is now later in the trigger pull with nearly no over travel. I didn't measure the pull but its very light, very easy to dry fire without any sight movement at all, which was very difficult for me before.

Great shipping speed, great company, if your love your m&p you will love this sear, s&w needs to make this standard!
Review by  DW
(posted on Aug 18, 2012)
I just installed the hard sear in my m&p9 specops edition. Difference is night and day. Finger touches trigger, there is a great deal of take up but requires almost no pressure to get to where the sear is engaged ( the predictable wall ), pressure needed to break through and fire is similar to what is needed on a 1911. Distance to reset trigger is a 1/4 or less. with no gun smithing experience this took only minutes to install and I highly recommend this product to anyone running a m&p. I'll be ordering another one soon!!
Review by  Andrew
(posted on May 10, 2012)
This hard sear combined with the USB have made this a new pistol entirely. The USB removed any grit on the uptake, and the hard sear cut the weight by half. Exactly as advertised. Install took about a half hour for both components, including re-centering sights. Super fast service. I a recommending people buy an M&P s that they can put these components in. Absolutes perfect!
Review by  Wes
(posted on Apr 11, 2012)
Really made a huge difference in the trigger pull, it feels like a new gun. Uptake is still a little gritty, so I've got a USB on the way to correct that! Outstanding quality, I'll be putting Apex parts in all of my M&P pistols!
Review by  Rob
(posted on Apr 02, 2012)
The other day, I installed the hardened sear into my Full Size M&P .40.
It lightened the trigger up & improved the vague reset, making the reset more noticeable. I don't have a gauge to measure trigger pull, but I estimate that the trigger pull is about half what it was. I love it.

For me, the only miss was after the initial installation, the trigger felt very gritty, despite the benefits of the install.
I removed the sear and LIGHTLY sanded the friction surface with 2000 grit auto-body sandpaper, now it's smooth as glass. If anybody else experiences a gritty trigger, try lightly sanding it.

After I smoothed the sear up a little, it feels like a totally different trigger.
Overall, a great product. It made a good trigger into a great trigger.
I'm very happy with it. I'd recommend it to anybody with an M&P.

Also, VERY fast shipping. I had my sear in three days after ordering it. I am impressed with the customer service.
Thank you, Apex.
Review by  Justin
(posted on Feb 04, 2012)
I just installed the sear in my M&P 9 tonight. The instal went very smooth. I watched the YouTube video and found a tutorial on how to remove the sear online. Put it all back together and I'm very pleased. I don't have a real trigger gauge but my trigger pull went from about 7.5 lbs to about 4.5 lbs. It feels great! Thank you very much!
Review by  JSLA2Z
(posted on Sep 20, 2011)
I recently purchased the Hard Sear and Ultimate Striker Block for my M&P .40. I had the same complaints many M&P shooters had, my trigger felt gritty and the I didn't care for how it felt overall. I had viewed the YouTube videos and felt I could do the job. It took me longer to set up my work bench and vice than it did to install the parts. It was extremely easy to accomplish thanks to the videos.

When I pulled the trigger the first time, I knew it was going to be great. I was not disappointed in how the trigger now felt...WOW! I had to show my wife how great the trigger now was and she asked me when I was going to fix her M&P 9. Well, guess I have to order more parts! Thanks APEX for great products and the great videos on how to install them.
Review by  Pat Carver
(posted on Aug 08, 2011)
I purchased the Hard Sear and the Ultimate Striker Block kits. I placed the order on the fourth and recieved the items on the eighth.
I installed the Hard Sear first and reassembled. The trigger release was sharper and lighter and the overtravel of the trigger was greatly reduced. However, the trigger pull was still gritty. I then replaced the Striker Block with the Ultimate Striker Block kit. This completely fixed the gritty feel of the trigger and smoothed the action even more. I am no gunsmith but after watching the youtube videos the process was very straightforward and the installation of both items was easily done in a half hour of slow and careful work. A 1/8th inch roll pin punch was very helpful and the only special tool I needed for the install. A standard punch could probably work but I liked the positive positioning of the punch during the drifting of the roll pin.
In a word, I am VERY pleased with the result.
Pat C
Review by  PM-Performance
(posted on Apr 26, 2011)
I purchased the Hard Sear and USB for my 40FS that I picked up. I was sooo impressed with the first time I shot it with this setup that I immediately ran to the local gun store and traded in my Sig CCW piece and got another in a 40C to be my primary carry piece now and will be ordering the same setup in the upcoming days when funds allow.

Install was a breeze too! I am far from a gunsmith, but with a punch set and vice and watching the video on youtube, I installed everything in like 10 mins if that.
By far best shooting handgun I have shot to date now due to Apex Tactical.

Thank you!!
Review by  Michael
(posted on Mar 02, 2011)
I recently bought and Apex Hard Sear for my full size S&W M&P 40. After watching the youtube video, I was able to install the sear in less than 10 minutes. I was astounded by the difference! While my M&Ps trigger was already good from the 500+ rounds I've put through it, the trigger pull now is amazing. I then put in the Ultimate Striker Block for smoothness, and now the trigger is a dream. No grit, perfectly smooth. Highly recommend anyone who gets the hard sear to get the Ultimate Striker Block also.
Review by  BEZ
(posted on Dec 17, 2010)
Ordered the Hard Sear and Striker Block for my M&P 9mm. I have never done any type or gun rework, but I installed both parts, with the help of my 10 year old son, in about 40 minutes. The Youtube video made it relatively simple. After installation, I felt as if I was firing a different gun. My groups were much tighter and I had better control of the firearm. Lighter trigger pull and no grittiness in the trigger travel. I would highly recommend these parts to anyone looking for an upgrade to their M&P!
Review by  Wayne Munger
(posted on Oct 06, 2010)
Ordered 2 sears late Friday night. One for my 40c and one for my 45. They were shipped Monday and received Wed. and installed. Took about 20 minutes to install both. Wow what a difference in the trigger pull weight and reset, like totally different handguns. Going to the range tomorrow. Great product and super fast shipping. Highly recommend Apex Tactial and will order again. Thanks.
Review by  Jbarila
(posted on Sep 14, 2010)
I purchased the Sear and USB for my M&P9. I put the usb in first and smoothed the trigger right out. It also provided a good reset indication. I measured trigger pull at 10.2 lbs. I installed the sear and it dropped to 4.2 lbs. Perfect for what I was looking for. The USb installed in about 15 minutes. I was kucky the rear sight cam right out, the sear was even quicker. I have to admit I removed the final sear pin in a plastic bag which prevented the loss of the sear spring. Went back together easily.
I am very pleased with the transformation and highly recomend both parts!
Thanks so much for the great products that I have already told everyone about!
Review by  NurseMike
(posted on Jul 19, 2010)
Just received the sear,striker block, and competition spring kit. Put the parts in both mine and my wife's M&Ps that we shoot IDPA with, and I have to say.....WOW!!!!Really made a giant difference in trigger pull. The sear and striker block are beautiful, very nicely done. I would caution you to be very careful with the sear spring because it is so tiny. Just very easy to lose from sight, even on a clean work surface.
Review by  Jay
(posted on Jun 29, 2010)
If you have a M&P and plan to compete with it, this is a MUST!!! The difference it amazing!
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