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APEX M&P Ultimate Striker Block
Sale price: $35.95


What it does: 

The Apex Ultimate Striker Block Kit was designed to work in conjunction with our Fully Machined Sear. The geometry and dimensions of our striker safety plunger differs from the factory part to yield an exceptionally smooth take-up before the trigger bar engages the sear cam. Our design also minimizes drag on the trigger bar as it transitions to the reset point. The secondary benefit is a more detectable trigger reset.

The striker safety plunger is made of heat treated 17-4 ph stainless steel for wear resistance and mirror polished for minimal drag. The kit also includes a reduced power plunger spring that maintains the necessary safety values while reducing drag and lift resistance.

Parts included:  3 Pcs

1. Ultimate Striker Block (Striker safety plunger)

2. USB Spring

3. Talon Tactical tool 

USB Install Video

Expected results: 

  • Smooth trigger uptake
  • Minimized drag on the trigger bar.
  • Tactile, detectable trigger reset.

 Applicable to what guns:

  • Fits the current production model M&P series pistols in 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 line, .45 ACP Configuration, and Shield.  

Customer Reviews

Review by  Dorlan Clevenger
(posted on Jul 10, 2013)
Just finished installing the USB and Hard Sear in my M&P 9MM with excellent results. The trigger went from gritty to smooth, the reset went from almost a half inch to slightly under a quarter inch with a very noticeable click. I didn't have a gauge to check the trigger pull but it was a very hard pull the Hard Sear cut that in half. Fully expect groups to tighten significantly. Super products,very fast shipping, couldn't ask for more. Thanks Apex Tactical
Review by  russ
(posted on Jun 09, 2013)
just buy it! I love my m&p 9 even more...
Review by  El Arto
(posted on May 31, 2013)
I recently bought a new M&P Pro 5". The trigger is much improved from the older models but the OEM SB makes the trigger feel like it is getting pulled through sand. The Apex USB gives you a smooth glide all the way through the take up. I would not shoot an M&P without one of these.
Review by  Relic
(posted on May 16, 2013)
Just installed the USB. I started out a few weeks ago just installing the hard sear from ATS and it made a drastic improvement to the trigger weight. I could honestly have just left it alone after that and been quite happy with the pistol. Glad I didn't do that because the trigger uptake was still very gritty, you've heard all of this before probably. There is no gritty feel to the trigger pull at all, zilch. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with this company for several reasons: The parts they produce improve the function of M&P pistols so much that its almost unbelievable. The tutorial videos are thorough and simple, so the installation of their parts is very easy for the do-it-yourself guy like me. And lets not forget the shipping: very fast. Apex Tactical is a world-class company. I will be back!
Review by  Cole Gnehm
(posted on May 04, 2013)
Amazing. That's all I can say.

No more gritty feeling trigger. Took about a hour to install the USB, Hard Sear, and Competition Spring Kit. They have made my favorite S&W M&P 9 Pro Series even better. Recommending all these parts to everyone I know.
Review by  JimH
(posted on Mar 09, 2013)
The Apex Tactical USB replacement is money well spent. It took less than 15 minutes to replace after I had everything setup in the vise. With a brass punch, the rear sight came off with little effort. The included Talon tool makes capture and replacement of the spring and cap simple and easy. I highly recommend the Apex USB. It makes the M&P trigger pull smooth and even makes the reset more noticeable.
Review by  Robk
(posted on Mar 08, 2013)
The USB is one of the best option you can do for your M&P. The trigger was gritty and just this simple part totaly changed the way the gun shoots. It's very smooth now and feels like I did a complete trigger job. It took 30 minutes from start to finish, time well invested.
Review by  e-jism
(posted on Mar 03, 2013)
Installed the Hard Sear and USB in M&P 40 and noticed the difference immediately. Now I can feel the reset and the trigger action is very smooth. One thing I would like to mention is the excellent service at Apex Tactical. I ordered the Hard Sear on a Saturday, not knowing the two should be installed together, and did not order the USB until the next day. Apex Tactical realized that both orders were mine and combined the two into one shipment. Since both orders were already applied to my credit card, they sent me a refund check for $8.50 for the second shipping fee. Excellent company and will use again.
Review by  Charles Bennett
(posted on Dec 29, 2012)
Just installed my 4th USB / Hard Sear combo and gave a 5th one to my brother for his M&P.

The USB completely smooths out the trigger. Add the hard sear and you have drop in trigger job for the M&P.

Outstanding value.
Review by  david south
(posted on Dec 26, 2012)
this product works, it even visually looks 10X better than original component did. installed in about 10 minutes. rear sight came out easier than it went back in. it did help with reset, but very minimal, which is still better than no reset which is what i had before.
Review by  CP0410
(posted on Dec 26, 2012)
In a nutshell, very satisfied, buy this part.
I have been very happy with all aspects of my M&P Pro Series 9mm except the trigger. While the break was fairly crisp (for a striker-fired pistol) the take-up was gritty and unrefined, not something I would have expected from a custom shop enhanced pistol. I shot close to 1,000 rounds and while the take-up improved dramatically, that gritty feeling was still present. I received the USB fron Santa Claus yesterday morning and had it installed by the time Christmas dinner came out of the oven (video on youtube made it easy). The USB made a SIGNIFICANT improvement to this pistol. The gritty feeling is gone, the take-up feels light and consistent, the break is even more crisp and the reset feels improved as well. I am a very happy customer. Thank you Apex.
Review by  Andy
(posted on Dec 05, 2012)
Just got my USB into my M&P 9c and wow! I have the DCAEK installed on and the AEK triggers on both, but I have to say, this is the only upgrade I would consider a MUST HAVE for M&P pistols. Both the full size and the compact I own had a little "hick-up" in the trigger on the take up and the rest, the take up wasn't so bad but the rest would cause false indication of the sear resetting. After installing the USB, no more "hick-up".
Review by  Mr
(posted on Nov 24, 2012)
Installed the USB in about 30 min, well worth therefore as the trigger has no grit at all and is very smooth, I'm not sure why this is not a smith Oem component. Highly recommended, just take your time removing the sight and soak with break free first and it won't be too difficult, if I can do it anyone can.
Review by  West
(posted on Oct 21, 2012)
Words can't describe how disappointed I was when I brought home my brand-new S&W M&P 40 and discovered an unbearably gritty trigger. After much research I was under the impression that the grittiness would wear itself out but after about 400 rounds and 200+ dry fires I saw only a very small reduction in the amount of "grit" in the pull.

I'll be the first to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first at how this one simple part could ease all of my gritty trigger pains because it just seemed too good to be true. I promise you, this thing works like a charm. I marked my rear sight post, heated and loosened up the rear sight set screw, drifted the rear sight off, installed the USB, and reversed the process. All I can say is WOW. Every single bit of the grit is gone and it is actually one of the smoother triggers I have ever felt. This little USB is worth every single penny. If you are even thinking about getting this, just do it. I guarantee you will not regret it.
Review by  Skinny
(posted on Sep 01, 2012)
I put the USB in yesterday and took my gun to the range today. It was like shooting a new gun. Gone is all that nasty gritty take up I hated so much. Thank you Apex for the great work! I love my M&P even more now.
Review by  fst0296
(posted on Apr 28, 2012)
I just installed the USB into my off duty M&P 45c. What a world of difference this part makes. It took about three minutes to install and took the grittiness out of my pre-travel. These parts are quality and in conjunction with the Hard Sear, this is a whole new trigger. It's too bad S&W doesn't invest in these parts from the get go. Thanks so much for your amazing parts Randy.
Review by  Rob
(posted on Apr 07, 2012)
I just installed my APEX USB into my M&P .40 after installing the APEX hardened sear last week.
WOW is the best thing I can come up with! The trigger is smooth as glass now. It feels like a whole new gun.
If you own an M&P, you owe it to yourself to install the APEX trigger sear and striker block. Your M&P's trigger isn't performing to its full potential.

A friend of mine also owns an M&P. I called him to come see my "new" trigger after installing the USB. He ordered his sear & striker block before he left my house.

A HUGE Thank You to APEX!
Review by  EricS
(posted on Apr 02, 2012)
Just installed the APEX USB in my M&P9 Pro and WOW!!! what a difference!!!
Does as cleimed in removing all the pretravel grit and makes the trigger pull SO much smoother.

Great Product, easy to intall, and fairly inexpensive. For the $35 I'd highly reoommend installing this vs. modifying the factory striker block.

Thanks APEX, you hit this one over the fence imo

Review by  jess
(posted on Feb 23, 2012)
Even after 750 rounds through my M&P 45, the gritty trigger pull was still there. After reading such positive reviews, I decided to install the USB. What a difference it makes. All the grittiness is gone. The trigger take up is smooth. I can now concentrate on my sight picture as the trigger doesn't distract from shooting. This upgrade is worth the money. Very satisfied with the results!!
Review by  Justin
(posted on Feb 04, 2012)
I bought the USB along with the hardened sear. I installed the sear first. It went along way to making for a better trigger in my M&P but the pull was still a little gritty. I watched the YouTube video on how to install it but I was a little nervous about removing the rear sight. All I needed, however was 1/16" hex wrench, vise, plastic mallet, and the included Talon Tactical tool. My sights came of with a couple of taps on the Talon tool and 5 minutes later had it all back together. I could not believe how smooth the trigger was! I can't believe how awesome this gun feels now! I can't wait to get to the range!
Review by  Allen
(posted on Jan 24, 2012)
Installation (easy!) of the Hard Sear and USB completely transformed my full size 45! Excellent products, and the best customer service (Claire and Jon). Thanks!
Review by  Pat Carver
(posted on Aug 08, 2011)
I purchased the Hard Sear and the Ultimate Striker Block kits. I placed the order on the fourth and recieved the items on the eighth.
I installed the Hard Sear first and reassembled. The trigger release was sharper and lighter and the overtravel of the trigger was greatly reduced. However, the trigger pull was still gritty. I then replaced the Striker Block with the Ultimate Striker Block kit. This completely fixed the gritty feel of the trigger and smoothed the action even more. I am no gunsmith but after watching the youtube videos the process was very straightforward and the installation of both items was easily done in a half hour of slow and careful work. A 1/8th inch roll pin punch was very helpful and the only special tool I needed for the install. A standard punch could probably work but I liked the positive positioning of the punch during the drifting of the roll pin.
In a word, I am VERY pleased with the result.
Pat C
Review by  Michael
(posted on Mar 02, 2011)
I dropped the Striker Block in alongside the Hard Sear into my M&P 40 and was amazed at the difference. The sear cut down on pull weight, but the striker block made the trigger buttery smooth. Cannot recommend these products enough.
Review by  JoeB40
(posted on Feb 16, 2011)
A 90 second trigger job; that's how I'd describe installing the Ultimate Striker Block and spring. After several thousand rounds through my M&P40, the reset is now what it should have been from the start. Smooth and positive. If S&W were smart, they'd order about 50,000 of these from you.
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