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APEX M&P Failure Resistant Extractor
Sale price: $45.95

What it does: 

The FRE was designed to ensure consistent and reliable extraction under the most adverse conditions. Critical engagement surfaces and hook geometry are machined by wire EDM. The result is tolerance variation that is an order of magnitude smaller than using conventional machining techniques. This allows for a nearly drop in part that will function with the reliability you have come to expect from any part bearing the Apex name. Melonite finished for enhanced durability.

Parts included:  1 Piece 

  1. Melonite M&P Failure Resistant Extractor  

FRE Install Video 

Expected Results:  

  • Consistent and reliable extraction of brass cartridges from M&P pistols. 


Applicable to what guns: 
  • S&W M&P Full Size, Compact, Long Slide and Pro Models, with or without thumb safeties and magazine disconnects. 
  • .45 ACP Configuration
  • Does not function in M&P Shield.

Customer Reviews

Review by  MrSmitty
(posted on Jun 17, 2013)
Called Friday afternoon to order the Melonited version and it arrived at my door on Monday, CA to PA!

M&P9 FS that was purchased in March 2012. No malfunctions after a few thousand rounds but it exhibited consistently weak ejection. I figured for $45 it really couldn't hurt. I had it installed in under 5 minutes, roll pin in this slide so it didn't take much force to drive it out. The bottom of the hook appeared to have a slight bevel already so I didn't bother taking it down at all. I lost a couple snap caps in the basement when function testing because I didn't think it would throw them that far. Another quality bombproof part from Randy Lee!

Keep up the good work!
Review by  Rich in Elk Grove
(posted on Feb 20, 2013)
These are out of stock for a reason - S&W didn't design them. Forgive me, but I'm a lefty and on occassion take brass to the face (yes I wear appropriate eye gear). So, I had Randy/ Staff install the FRE to my M&P9 slide. Went to the range just to make sure they knew what they were doing (lol). 100 rounds later and my mug is brass free. This shop is just the best. Gotta go -
Review by  Edward O'Keeffe
(posted on Dec 19, 2012)
I noticed that the review by TOM 12/11 had an issue with the shield not ejecting prperly. The Shield require an extremely firm grip, ecpecially when it has not been broken in.For those that I have had the same issue after 200 rounds have been fired I take^00 grit wet & dry paper and wrap it aronud a dowel that just fit inside the hook and lightly polish itaso be suer to put a drop of oil in the hook. Until Apex ha the new extractor I am sure it is a matter of breaj=king the gun in and maintaining a firm grip on the firearm. I have yet had an issue with my 9mm but I am use to High powered sub compact firearms.In my full size 9mm I have fired over 6000 rounds without cleaning the firearm and no extraction issues,but especially with a new firearm it is important to make sure you keep the firearm clean as well as make sure that the ammo you use burns clean and avoid the aluminum case ammo because it causes more faiures than any.
Review by  Tom
(posted on Dec 11, 2012)
This sounds like exactly what I need, but I need one for my 9mm Shield. I'm averaging 1 Failure to Extract every box or so. Are you planning a version for the Shield?
Review by  Erik
(posted on Sep 28, 2012)
The Apex Extractor is excellent. I have an M&P40 with a 9mm conversion barrel. With the factory extractor, I was getting quite a few FTEs and spent 9mm casings thrown back in my face. I dropped in the Apex Extractor and all of that stopped immediately, so this is another Apex part that I can highly recommend. I also have the DCAEK and RAM installed in the same handgun, and all of those parts I can highly recommend as well. Excellent work Apex Tactical.
Review by  Jack
(posted on Aug 06, 2012)
This extractor can be used in my M&P45 full size, right?
Review by  Ian
(posted on May 21, 2012)
I've owned a total of 3 M&P pistols, every single one has had Apex parts installed, quite simply because they're amazing quality, fit perfectly and make a noticeable difference to the performance of the pistol. If you own an M&P, and want it to perform from day one, you need Apex parts, it's that simple.
Review by  KT
(posted on May 03, 2012)
Installed this last night per the video and it tested A-OK at the range this morning. These guys make quality products, their service is top notch and installation is a breeze thanks to their detailed videos. In the past I've purchased & installed their Hard Sear, Ultimate Striker Block, Duty/Carry Spring Kit & Competition Spring Kit (removed because the trigger was too light!) and each one has resulted in an improvement in the feel and functionality of my M&P Pro 9. BUY THEIR STUFF - YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED !
Review by  bob solla
(posted on Apr 11, 2012)
i don`t have this yet,but if it is like all the other products,then i expect it to be great!this is the one product missing from my m&p full size 9mm.i will be getting it as soon as i can spend the extra to do so!
Review by  Roger Harris
(posted on Apr 01, 2011)
Great products, fast service what more could a shooter ask for? I installed your hard sear and RAM several weeks ago, trigger pull and overtravel are perfect.I just installed your FRE [M&P 9c} and ran 125 rounds through it fast,not a hiccup.Thanks again for great products and fast service. Roger
Review by  MKG
(posted on Sep 07, 2010)
I was also have problem with failure to extract with my M&P 9. I would get couple of failures to extract about every 200 round or so, more when the gun was hot. I installed the Failure resistant extractor and I have not had any extraction problem for the last 2500 rounds so far. I'm getting ready to buy another one for my back up gun.
Review by  kozmo123
(posted on Sep 04, 2010)
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