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APEX M&P Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit
Sale price: $92.95

What it does: 

The APEX Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) was designed to provide the M&P (9 mm, .357 Sig & .40 only) pistol owner a smooth, consistent 5 - 5.5 lb trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger reset.  All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top end, service pistol.  The kit itself is engineered to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing (however, armorer or gunsmith installation is recommended).

Parts included:  7 Pcs 

1.     APEX Fully Machined Sear 

  • APEX M&P Ultimate Striker Block Kit (USB kit)  

2.     Ultimate Striker Block

3.     USB Spring

4.     Talon Tactical Tool 

  • Duty Carry Spring Set 

5.   1/8" Sear Spring*

      6.   Trigger Return Spring

      7.   Aluminum slave pin  

*This kit no longer contains a Small 1/16" sear plunger spring.  If your gun has the 1/16" sear spring, we recommend purchasing a new sear housing block, if you are unable to obtain a new sear housing block, we recommend the use of the factory sear spring.. 

DCAEK Install video (Part 1)

DCAEK Install video (Part 2)   

Expected results:

  • Shortens over-travel.
  • Smooth trigger pull.
  • Keeps pistol at a safe 5-5.5 lb trigger pull weight for Duty/Carry applications. 

   Applicable to what guns:  



Customer Reviews

Review by  Mike Curtis
(posted on Nov 15, 2013)
I have the Duty Carry installed in 2 MP9C & my Shield and will have it in my full size soon.
Very please with the overall performance of the system. All three guns have the same feel.
Will highly recommend this for your MP's a must have in my book.
Review by  Civilian Combat LLC
(posted on Jul 11, 2013)
I just installed the RAM and DCAEK in my M&P9. S&W should offer this on their pistols from the factory. If they did, they would have Glock on their heels. These parts improve the M&P action in a big way. I’m very impressed and it’s totally worth the money.
Review by  MrSmitty
(posted on Jun 17, 2013)
Installed this along with the RAM in a March 2012 M&P9 FS shortly after purchasing it. Spectacular combination. Combine those with the polymer AEK and it's one of the best triggers I've had in a polymer/striker fired pistol.

Excellent work Apex!
Review by  jsl55
(posted on May 29, 2013)
I purchased the RAM and DCAEK for the M&P9 I bought for my wife. She usually shoots a Springfield XD and I usually shoot various Glocks, which all have Ghost Ranger 4.5 lb trigger connectors. She liked the idea of a slide release on the right side of the gun and the ability to move the mag release to the right side.

The RAM is a big improvement over the stock trigger. It makes a noticeable reset for quicker follow up shots.

The DCAEK is a different story. Under the "Pros" column it is easy to install. Under the "Cons" column it doesn't work as advertised. With their spring and sear block there is often a dead trigger. IF the striker is released, it is often when the trigger is all the way back on the trigger stop before it releases with excessive finger pressure. This is more apparent during a slow trigger pull. If you press the trigger quickly it is more likely to fire. I have had numerous emails back and forth with Claire without resolution. I was told to call them, which I tried to do today at 4:30, and got a message that it is out of their regular business hours. If it wasn't a 2-1/2 hour drive there I would take the gun to them to show them the problem. They might be able to use my example for some quality control.

As it stands now, I consider it to be a waste of $100. They tell me to call them but their hours make it impossible for me to do so. I am very disappointed with this product.
Review by  klppnbrg
(posted on May 04, 2013)
Hard to add much more than what is already said many times below - this kit will make the M&P your favorite firearm, and will really make you look good at the range. I installed this kit along with the AEK trigger in my 9mm and it is now a whole new gun. Release is crisp and clean with a consistent reset. Installation is not difficult, watch Randy's videos on YouTube (a couple times if necessary) and you willnot have any problems working through the upgrade. Plus, you will become much more familiar witht he operationof your weapon which is always a good thing.

One addiitonal comment related to customer service from Apex - my original kit was sent with a hard sear from a bad batch received from a vendor, which would not allow the pivot pin to be pressed through. One call to Apex and within a couple days a replacement sear arrived in the mail, along with pre-paid and addressed return packaging for the bad piece, AND a complimentary Apex patch for my backpack! Awesome!

Folks, this is a top-notch company with top-notch products. I would not hesitate to recommend this setup to anyone, and you can order secure in the knowledge that the crew at Apex will back you up 100%. They are completely trustworthy. What are you waiting for?? Order your enhanced carry kit today!
Review by  KRoodRN[ret.]
(posted on Mar 15, 2013)
OK, what is up with this trigger on the M&P?
I Read the bulk of the reviews on this pistol prior to going down to the local firearms store, with a shooting range,for a test fire. The gritty trigger was as advertised; but loved the gun and bought it. A gritty trigger M&P .40c NIB.
Ordered an APEX M&P Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK). Received kit in timely, and undamaged conditioned. With the help of the videos on this site and You-tube,was able to install parts with just slight difficulty [dropped part].
What a difference this APEX M&P Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK)has made. I have a new pistol! Shooting groups shrank from 4in. at 10 yards, to 1 in. [without rest].
You have caused me to change from my CCP of years, to my new M&P.
Thank you.
K Rood
Review by  HarryD
(posted on Feb 08, 2013)
*Watch the installation video BEFORE attempting. You'll see how easy it is!*

So the kit came and I installed it on my full-size 9mm M&P.

It made an awesome gun with a passable trigger into an awesome gun with an awesome trigger!

It took me about 20 minutes to install the new sear, sear spring and trigger spring. The improvement was noticeable, but the take-up was still gritty. So...I lightly heated the set screw in the rear sight with a butane torch on low to break the loctite. Thinking I would need to beat the rear sight out after removing the screw...I didn't. With light thumb pressure the factory rear sight slid right off the frame! Installation of the new striker block and spring took a total of 45 seconds.

The gritty take-up in now gone! My pull gauge shows, after all Apex parts were installed, a trigger pull of 4 pounds 10 ounces. For reference, the factory pull was 4 pounds even. The extra 10 ounces is not noticeable due to the smoothness of all new parts. Now if my sight pusher and new trijicon night sights get here in a timely fashion I should have a pretty dang sweet pistol!
Review by  Brian Snyder
(posted on Feb 06, 2013)
Love the m&p already, but this kit makes it so much better. Very easy to install.
Review by  NM40
(posted on Jan 25, 2013)
After over a year of trying to "get used to" my (MA Compliant) M&P 40, I finally got so frustrated with the gun I began to try and sell it. After over 1,500 rounds through it and with the help of 2 firearms instructors I still couldn't keep all the rounds on a paper plate size target at a mere 15 yards. I began to think that maybe I wasn't a good shot with a pistol. After coming across this trigger kit I figured I'd give it a try as a last ditch effort for this pistol. I bought the kit and installed it in about 40 minutes with the help of the Youtube video. I took it out to the range the next day and instantly I went from 6/10 hits on a 9" plate at 15 yards to 10/10 hits on the same plate at 25 yards in a 5" group. I couldn't believe it. The kit truly made my gun a brand new gun. It is now my favorite gun in the safe.
Review by  Recondo101st
(posted on Jan 16, 2013)
Excellent trigger. It outshoots my Sig 226 TacOps. The M&P is a perfect platform to be upgraded and with ones like this you end up with a race car that can rival and outperform weapons costing many times more.
Review by  TominCA
(posted on Nov 25, 2012)
The M&P is a really good pistol with a terrible trigger. After installing this(I got mine from Brownells) and seeing the improvemnt I can't imagine how a company as big, good and sophisticated as S&W let the M&P go into production when the trigger could be made so much better with a few small parts.

Took me about about one hour (had to do some stuff twice) but anyone who knew what they were doingcould do it in about 15 minutes. Made my M&P 9 a whole new gun!!!
Review by  Mikey
(posted on Nov 14, 2012)
The M&P is my first handgun larger than a .22, and I chose it because it just fits my grip better than the many other pistols I've tried. The trigger; however, never did feel right from day 1, and I was very incorrect in believing that in time, and enough empty brass on the ground, I would become accustomed to it. A friend suggested I look at the DCAEK so I gave it a try, and Wow! what a difference. The sight drift problem I was struggling with is gone. I’m saving up for the RAM next because I’m convinced these guys really know what they are doing, and they've put a lot of time and effort in producing performance improvements that make sense. I’m an engineer by trade, and first thing I did after getting the kit was stick everything under a high power microscope, and IMHO the quality and workmanship Apex produces is top notch. Well worth the investment even if you are a casual shooter like myself.
Review by  Rabbit
(posted on Sep 23, 2012)
"It was great, until I thought about my purpose"

Experiencing that the stock trigger is just borderline unacceptable for a carry gun, I bought the DCAEK kit on the mass amount of suggestions without question. I installed it and was very pleased with how smooth the trigger became and how 'tuned' everything felt in general. the largest benefit for me was the fixing of the gritty uptake.

As time went on, I realized that the DCAEK didn't really create what I wanted out of a 'carry' gun. The break felt too light to me, which emphasized the 'squish' inherent in striker guns, and the break felt too far back. I started to become envious of the black and white trigger of my friend's Glock.

I felt like Smith and Wesson might have known what they were doing and simply made a few mistakes in the was they decided to mass produce their trigger parts. On a whim, I removed just the APEX hard sear, but left in the smoothed out USB and the heavier DCAEK spring kit. What I got was EXACTLY what I personally had been looking for. The break now felt to me to be in a more appropriate position, it was heavier and then broke much more sharply, and the reset seemed louder.

All in all with 2/3rds of the DCAEK, the trigger matched more closely that of a stock Glock trigger and more importantly it felt like the trigger Smith and Wesson intended for a military and police model handgun. The heavier springs may be negotiable, but I really feel like the M&P trigger only really required the USB and a RAM (I have a thumb safety model and am anxiously awaiting the curve RAM) for a duty/carry trigger. Unfortunately I am now sitting with a $40.00 little piece of metal for this learning experience, but I thought I would share this with anyone who was looking for something a little more 'stock' out of their trigger.

I'd like to point out that this is all my opinion and I mean no disrespect to the efforts of the people at Apex tactical, who have been central to the aftermarket M&P community. The Hard Sear was simply not what I felt was appropriate for the trigger type I was looking for.
Review by  Jim Nichols
(posted on Aug 09, 2012)
Just installed. Watched the appropriate videos each at least twice. Complete DCAEK install about 30 minutes. I did not change out factory trigger return spring. Butter smooth pull with creep and break very similar to H&K P7. A little more pre-travel than I like. Excellent product, easy install with videos and major improvement over factory action.
Review by  NUTTBALL763
(posted on Aug 09, 2012)
I had this kit installed yesterday and it is a night and day difference in the trigger now. If you own an M&P this kit is well worth the money. The trigger pull and reset is unbelievable. Makes you wish S&W would team-up with Apex and make this standard.
Review by  Jake
(posted on Jul 21, 2012)
After having put 3000 rds through my M&P I was feeling comfortable with myself as a new shooter. I noticed the gritty texture of my pistol and the chunky trigger pull and inconsistent reset when I speed fire at the range. I decided to try this kit out and am so glad I did. The grittiness went away and the trigger action was crisp, clean, and the reset was reliable. Thank you for turning my good gun into a great gun! I wish Smith & Wesson made them like this to begin with.
Review by  Max
(posted on Jul 07, 2012)
Just got my kit today and I'm already loving it! Having purchased my first gun, a S&W 9mm a couple weeks ago, I did notice a pretty rough trigger. I came across this package and decided to go for it. I'm pretty good with tools but have never worked on a gun before. Installation took about 20 min for everything and was really easy. I haven't had a chance to get to the range yet but I can already feel a much smoother pull and none of the jerking motion towards the end of the squeeze. I would definitely recommend this upgrade!!
Review by  JEFFS
(posted on Jul 03, 2012)
Installed the lower half of the kit last night.Big improvement. Did the safety block today, (had to go out and buy a 1/16th hex).Amazing! took away the rough take up on the trigger. Can't wait to shoot it. Worth every penny!
Review by  NObama
(posted on May 26, 2012)
A very fine product indeed. I love my M&P 9mm> and now I love it even more. This kit was just the little bit of fix it needed to become my favorite piece.
I was very happy it was as easy as shown to put these parts in. I took it straight to the range that day and wow! fantastic groups! pull back smooth and no more slight gritty or as I would call it crunchy pull back.

I hear S&W are redoing their triggers on this line- but I am happy this kit was available. Well worth the money. Gave my baby a new life.

Thanks APEX Tac!
Review by  El Chulo
(posted on May 08, 2012)
I have an M&P 45 and love everything about it. after reading these reviews I am sold on getting the new trigger but to my dismay it says they dont make them for .45. WHAT GIVES! are there plans for making a .45 compliant trigger?
Review by  Mike F.
(posted on May 01, 2012)
I just finished installing the kit after watching the videos. In order to finish the install you have to watch the USB video for the modified striker block and spring, here:

If you follow the video closely, use the right tools and take your time, this is very do-able. I've never tried anything like this and had little problem.

And WHAT A DIFFERENCE! All I can say is that I wild about my M&P 9mm as it came from the factory. Now I can't wait to get out and use it. Thank you, Apex!

Review by  hoverking
(posted on Apr 11, 2012)
Let me tell you installed this kit and the ram today, and ohhhhh my god my groups went from bigger then my hands to 20 shots at 10yards hole through hole group. The kit was so easy to install i was done in 1 1/2 hours only because i had to take the sear block out twice did not know ram add on was in that block and had already put back together:):):)
Review by  chris f.
(posted on Apr 06, 2012)
I just purchased and installed this kit for my M&P 9mm. The installation was a breeze with the youtube videos. It is like having a brand new gun. The trigger pull is great with no grit or resistance. My 50 foot groups have decreased dramaticlly and the gun is much easier to controll and take follow-up shots even at distance. Thank you Apex Tactical and keep up the great work. I think you can plan on a few more orders coming from MA. All of the guys at my gun club love how my gun feels now and are talking about getting the kits for their guns.
Review by  Dean
(posted on Mar 22, 2012)
I installed the APEX DCAEK and RAM on my M&P 40 cal. The installation is not too tough. It goes a lot better if you follow the instructions in the awesome videos. When I finished I had a part left over and couldn't remember where it went, but Randy responded to me quickly by EMail and I was up and running in no time. I am very happy with how the pistol shoots now -- Thanks for some great products and great service APEX.
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