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APEX M&P Competition Action Enhancement Kit
Sale price: $97.95

What it does: 

The Competition Action Enhancement Kit is designed for the action shooting sports competitor.  Our drop in kit will yield a consistent sub 3 lb trigger pull. Whether the game is IDPA, USPSA, or Steel Challenge, our Competition Action Enhancement Kit will withstand the rigors of high speed competition.  Our competition striker spring and trigger return spring are shot peened to extend service life.

Parts included: 8 Pcs

1.  Apex Fully Machined Sear

  • Apex Ultimate Striker Block kit

2.  Ultimate Striker Block

3.  Striker Block Spring

4.  Talon Tactical tool

5.  Apex Competition striker spring

  • Apex Competition Spring Kit (Two sear springs of different sizes are included with kit)

6.   Apex Competition Sear Spring 1/8" (Lg)*

7.   Apex Competition Trigger Return Spring

8.   Apex Slave Pin (assists with installation of trigger return spring)

Striker Spring Install Video 

*This kit no longer contains a Small 1/16" sear plunger spring.  If your gun has the 1/16" sear spring, we recommend purchasing a new sear housing block, if you are unable to obtain a new sear housing block, we recommend the use of the factory sear spring.. 

Comp AEK Install video-Part 1 (DCAEK)

Comp AEK Install video- Part 2 (DCAEK)    


Expected results:

  • Shortens over-travel.
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Sub 3lb trigger pull.

Applicable to what guns: 

Note:  *Two Sear springs are included in the kit. Use only one sear spring that fits your model of M&P.  Small 1/16" or Large 1/8".   



Customer Reviews

Review by  Ryan
(posted on Apr 01, 2014)
I installed this kit along with the polymer AEK trigger and the reset assist mechanism today and what a difference. I let a few guys at work who have shot my M&P pro 9mm before feel it and they all said it was night and day. It is truly a piece of art when it comes to smoothing out and reducing the trigger pull on the pistol. I used the sear spring from the competition kit rather than the one that comes with the trigger kit due to wanting a light trigger break. It is almost too light, but if you want competition it doesn't get much better. I might play around with the sear springs to see if I can get a combination that is custom to me. Overall, worth every penny. The Pro series should have come with this from the factory.
Review by  jmorr
(posted on Apr 11, 2013)
Just a 2 month update. I have had no issues with this trigger at all. Love it so much! My groupings are way better now. I carry this gun everyday and love it!
Review by  Clint Eastwood
(posted on Apr 11, 2013)
Just to clear up any confusion, there is only 1 video posted in the item description for the installation of this kit. There are 3 more videos that cover the installation of the other parts. Just to clarify, i have no gun smithing experience and this was easy.The hardest part was tracking all the installation videos down on You Tube. I suggest you guys post the following links to your videos as follows : The installation videos consist of the DCAEK video part 1 and 2. These videos will show how to install trigger return spring, hard sear and spring as well as how to remove these from you M&P to work on them. The other video you need to watch is the USB installation video that covers the install of the ultimate striker block. Lastly, the only video posted in the item description shows the install of the competition striker sprng.

Set aside from that, what a difference this made to my M&P, the gritty factory trigger was gone after I out everything in and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much for making this kit, I only ask that you list the videos in the item description to make it easier for people to see how it's done. Thanks.
Review by  Jutt
(posted on Mar 30, 2013)
I picked up a FS9 Pro 5" last week, shot it today for the first time and I'm astounded that S&W would sell anything with that poor of a trigger, much less a "pro" level gun. I was wondering what all this gritty, inconsistent talk was about and now I know. Made my Glock 19 trigger feel like a Wilson Combat or something.

At any rate, I installed the CAEK tonight. I only installed the hard sear/spring, USB/spring and that's it. I left the striker spring and trigger spring well enough alone.

All I got to say is WOW! No more grit. No more inconsistent trigger pull. Now she pulls smooth! I don't have a trigger scale but I'd guess it's breaking around 3 lbs which is fine for me as I won't be carrying this one.

As far as the install goes, if you can swing a hammer at a roll pin punch then you can do it.

Nice work Apex!
Review by  jmorr
(posted on Feb 14, 2013)
Just got this in today. Had it installed with in an hour. I have no prior gunsmithing. Was simple to install. OMG!! This this is nuts. Way better than the stock trigger. Loved the ergonomics of the M&P but HATED the trigger. Now have a nice carry gun!
Review by  Dave
(posted on Jan 28, 2013)

Picked up an M&P 40 with a strange SKU (151243) and heavy pull. Turns out it was developed from the Hartford PD, unissued, sold as new. We measured a roughly 9LB pull with a horrible feel to it.

Then I found this site!

I dropped in the competition sear, sear spring, USB, USB Spring, and striker spring. For now I still have my original trigger return spring.

The results? SMOOOOOOOTH pull, roughly 4LBS.

The worst part of the install was problem the darned rear sites, but even that wasn't too bad once we cut some spare aluminum to size for a punch/drift. Got a bit confused testing the sear functionality until we realized that we had to manipulate the magazine safety to perform the test. The videos were great ... just have to find the right one for the right part!

Review by  Marty
(posted on Jul 24, 2012)
I recently purchased M&P 9 Pro and 9c which neither had bad triggers at all but I'm all about getting the best trigger possible on all my pistols and rifles. Being in the Hunting Business over 25 years, I can't tell you how many bad shots I've seen on game due to bad triggers during Excited or Extreme Circumstances. Trigger pull is EVERYTHING! So, naturally, I had to try the Apex Products, especially since I've recently started shooting IDPA.....after a long and very informative and helpful phone conversation with John at Apex, I ordered the Comp Kit for my Pro, as well as the FSS & Trigger Kit for my 9c. All I can say is both are Awesome! Pro is breaking just under 3# and 9c was breaking at 4.75#. We put the factory TRS back in 9c for 3.75# break..put RAM in both for much improved reset.......needless to say, my groups with both were considerably better and easier to shoot. Apex has these M&Ps figured out! Highly recommend anynof their products!
Review by  Fuchi
(posted on Apr 24, 2012)
Installed the Apex Tactical Competition Action Enhancement Kit in my M&P 9mm. I went from a gritty, 6lb trigger to a smooth as silk 2lb 9oz trigger. I did not mix and match Apex and S&W springs. Trigger weight is exactly as advertised.

The trigger almost floats back to the point where the sear is engaged, and once engaged the trigger breaks like a glass rod. It's smooth and crisp, and VERY predictable.

If you have an M&P that you use as a range or competition gun, you NEED this kit.
Review by  Matt
(posted on Apr 17, 2012)
I installed the Comp AEK this morning. Installation was a breeze, thanks for the videos. The difference is incredible. Which component do you feel lessens the trigger pull the most, I am thinking of trying to find a midpoint between the stock trigger and the point I am at now?
Review by  Ron
(posted on Mar 04, 2012)
WOW !!!Is this the same gun??? What a difference in trigger pull weight and no gritty pull. Pulled the gun apart and had everything in except the ultimate striker block in 45 minutes. Easy install. I expected to have to beat on that rear site to instal the USB but even that was easy. After installing everything but the usb the trigger pull was lightened considerably but still felt gritty, I never thought the USB could make that much of a difference but it sure did. It cleaned up the initial travel grit and eliminated it. A must have if you are a M&P owner as the stock trigger stinks and the APEX set up makes the weapon a different animal. You guys ROCK!!!
Review by  ok
(posted on Mar 01, 2012)
Just got the competion action kit today. It took about one and a half hours to install. Removing the rear sight was the hardest part of the whole job. The kit did just what it was advertise to do. Great kit good price. What more could you ask for.
Review by  Ac556
(posted on Feb 26, 2012)
I bought this kit a couple months ago. It has been sitting on my bench up until yesterday, because it looked a little intimidating to install. I watched all of the youtube videos twice than dove in. I had no problems with the install which probably took around 30 minutes...WOW!! What a differance this made. I can't believe I waited this long to put it in. Now all my friends are jealous. I feel like I am shooting a single action revolver. I can't say enough about this system. Simply amazing! Well done Apex
Review by  Tony Cav
(posted on Feb 10, 2012)
I recently purchased an M&P Pro 40 with the 5" barrel with great expectations. Boy was I disappointed by the 98 ounce stock trigger! After weeks of getting frustrated with the lackluster groups the gun was shooting, a friend recommended that I try his standard M&P 9 with the Competition AEK kit installed. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I then installed my top end on his frame. Amazingly, the gun finally started to shoot as expected. I promptly ordered the kit and installed it. The gauge now reads 48 ounces when the trigger breaks. Gun shoots great now. I will be ordering another competition AEK for my M&P 45. Great Product! Thanks!
Review by  Harry Haltman
(posted on Oct 18, 2011)
I purchased the Comp AEK and RAM for my wife's M&P based on rave reviews from a firearms instructor friend of mine, and all I can say is WOW! I'm a Glock armorer, but this was my first foray into the innards of the M&P. However, thanks to Randy's excellent videos, I had no trouble with the installation. The good folks at Apex were pleasant, enthusiastic, and great to work with too. Oh, and my wife was a pretty fair shooter with the M&P before, but now she's scary! Kudos to the guys and gals at Apex for a terrific product.
Review by  Paul
(posted on Aug 03, 2011)
Put the competition kit in my 9mm M&P with the RAM, Used Mr. Lee's videos, excellant
product. Took the M&P to the range and let some friends who have Glocks shoot it.
They thought it had the best striker fire trigger they have ever shot.
Review by  redmudd
(posted on Jul 30, 2011)
Great product.I have an m&p 40 that i will be shooting uspsa with and needed a better trigger pull than stock. Installation was fairly simple using the videos on youtube. Gives you a much smoother and lighter trigger pull. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to shoot competively with a m&p pistol.
Review by  Arthur Yeo
(posted on Jul 24, 2011)
This product delivers all that published on the website and I am happy with it. The smoothness in the trigger has improved drastically and the break of the trigger is certainly closer in distance than before. The trigger weight has also been reduced to a more manageable weight for competition.

Three improvements that can be implemented that will further enhance the installations process are the following:
1) there are somewhere around 4-5 YouTube videos that are relevant to the CAEK/CDAEK and I had to search and determine for myself whether they are relevant. To be on the safe side, I got Lisa to confirm for me whether they were the correct ones. I think they can be grouped together so that future customers do not need to work so hard to look for these videos.
2)The installation for the trigger spring has a tricky part when it comes to getting the slave pin aligned correctly so that the real pin can punch thru. I think this part needs to be explained with a little more detail as to how to align them; like, where to wiggle. Wiggling the trigger seems to make most sense for my case. I tool me 3-4 tries before I finally got the pin to kick out the slave pin and punch thru correctly. My previous tries punched thru the and kicked out the slave pin but somehow failed to go thru the ring of the trigger spring. It was quite aggravating.
3)There are 2 sear springs included in my CAEK. The video did not say which one to use but the pkg has a sticker saying I am supposed to use one only. It's not clear which one I am supposed to use.

One thing which should be mentioned for anyone wanting to do install the CAEK themselves is to choose wisely a time slot where there are no interruptions. Pick a location with as much good lighting as possible (natural light is the best). And, add a big glass of patience. DO NOT RUSH yourself and keep your cool.

Of all the innovations in the package, I most impressed by the plastic tool used to help stop the safety plunger spring from shooting out when removing the rear sight. It's an awesome tool and it made the pain of getting the spring the plate back in the hole that much easier. I put that in previously without this tool and it drove me up the wall. This is well thought out and I am grateful to the designer.
Review by  JD
(posted on Apr 14, 2011)
I was talking to one of the Master USPSA shooters at a match recently and told him I was looking to replace my Springfield XD-9 Service model with a 5" barrel gun and what gun(s) would he recommend? His response was, of all the production guns he's shot and he shot about all of them, the S&W M&P9L with an Apex Comp AEK was his favorite.

Not being one to pass up advice from someone that knows what they're talking about, I checked out the M&P9L, which felt good in my hand and shot well, but the stock trigger was nothing to write home about. I purchased the gun and ordered the Apex Comp AEK and RAM.

After installing the Comp AEK and RAM, both of which were easy to install, I shot a USPSA match the following day and good lord my double taps were improved 100 fold. The trigger was easy to stage and I knew just when it was going to break and for the first time I was actually able to call some of my shoots.

Thanks Apex for greatly improving my results and thus increasing my confidence level.
Review by  Frank Witter
(posted on Apr 10, 2011)
Received my comp AEK yesterday and installed it last night. Only problem encountered was searching for small parts that my clumsy fingers let go of at exactly the wrong time. I test fired my M&P 9 Pro this morning and everything was exactly as promised, smooth trigger pull, crisp letoff and absolute reliability. I shoot man-on-man steel competition and can't wait to watch my performance improve. Thank APEX for a great product and great service. I will be ordering another kit for my backup gun.
Review by  aiderveopipse
(posted on Feb 04, 2011)
If you have severe pain you may be given a strong painkiller, such as morphine, straight away. That's what i want to say here.
Review by  Micah P
(posted on Jan 05, 2011)
Just got the Comp AEK for my 40 full size, I installed it myself, and love the results. I just want to take up the 50 miles of slack before the initial sear engagement. Can't wait to shoot it this Friday!
Review by  ScubaJKD
(posted on Dec 04, 2010)
I got the Apex tactical competition trigger kit for my full size M&P 9mm along with the RAM. After a few tear downs I am now pretty confident in my mechanical abilities with the M&P. Its very similar to Glock but with a few key distinctions that make it unique and in some ways a pain in the but. Nothing that can't be mastered easily. Install took me about 15 minutes going slow so I did not drop the small parts into the carpet. They are pretty tiny.

Results? Amazing!

Pre-travel is still long but so smooth that you can't even feel it. Almost a little concerning as it just floats back to the sear engagement. Over travel is gone and sight disruption as well which will greatly enhance accuracy. Pull now is just under 3 lbs and breaks like a glass rod. Very 1911 feeling. Reset with the RAM is noticable better with a tactile feel and an audible click that is very reassuring vs the horrible stock reset. If you have shot a Glock with a vanek trigger it is very much like that with a lighter take up and a crisper break and reset. I am gonna have to play with the light take up due to the lighter trigger bar spring and see if I like that or if it causes me any problems. Easy swap out to make it duty vs comp rated. Overall very impressed with the entire kit and shipping was fast. Oh and if you want to compare this kit to the Pro trigger there is no comparison. This trigger is markedly smoother, crisper, cleaner, and actually has a reset. Now for a little range testing!
Review by  ak-holic
(posted on Dec 03, 2010)
I just love the difference in the trigger pull.
I have the M&P 40 Pro w/ 5" barrel.
The trigger pull out of the box was terrible. Strange, I did not see anything stating the nearly 7 lb trigger pull in any of the S&W literature.
I bought the Comp AEK, RAM, and FTE Extractor made by APEX.
The trigger pull dropped from almost 7 lbs. down into the low 3's.
Even the gunsmith and guys at the range said that it was the best feel for trigger pull on any M&P they have handled.
The feel when the trigger resets due to the RAM is also very pleasing.
Don't forget to check out the RAM video by Randy Lee.
Broken return problem, just push the trigger forward manually and continue to fire.Great work, great products, great designs!!
Thank you APEX Tactical!

Review by  Unholy
(posted on Sep 22, 2010)
I just added the Comp AEK to my 5" M&P pro 9mm. It trigger was better than most of the "regular" M&P's I had shot. My brother has a well worn 1st gen 9mm and a new .40/.357 combo. All I can say is the new apex parts made this thing a dream to shoot! It's crazy how similar the Pro parts were to the Apex parts... I wondered if I wasting my money. I'm glad I tried! The more generously tapered Striker block makes the single biggest change in the trigger. I wonder why S&W didn't go as far as Apex? The trigger spring just drops the poundage a bit so it comes in a smooth, consistent sub-3 pound pull. It's right at about a pound lighter than the pro was with just the striker block added. It's perfect, It's safe, It's FREAKIN' AWESOME! Thanks Apex!!!
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