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APEX XP Firing Pin Kit
Sale price: $15.95

What it does: 

The Apex XP ignition kit consists of the firing pin (17-4 heat treated stainless steel) and a reduced power firing pin return spring.  Recommended for concealed carry/off duty/backup revolvers to reduce the probability of light strikes.

Parts included: 2 Pieces 

  1. XP Firing Pin
  2. Reduced power firing pin return spring (light


Overall length is .495" to allow for the firing pin to accelerate before striking the primer.

Customer Reviews

Review by  KT
(posted on Sep 05, 2012)
I bought a new 625JM and installed the Miculek spring kit, adjusting the mainspring per instructions. In spite of using the recommended Federal primers in my handloads I experienced the occasional failure to fire. Having had very good results with other Apex products I ordered the XP Ignition Kit and have had no further FTF problems thanks to that little bit of extra pin length. As an additional bonus I find am now able to use both factory ammo and Winchester primers in handloads with no problems. I plan on installing the XP Ignition Kit in my 686.
Review by  erik
(posted on Nov 26, 2011)
I'm currently running one of these in my CC/BUG 9mm conversion M&P 340. This setup has sent 450 flawless rounds down-range so far without complaint from the gun (but plenty from my hand). Despite being 0.500" longer, never once has it pierced a primer. The rounded profile (versus factory conical) is perfect for reliable ignition.

Everyone I know with an S&W wheel gun now runs one of these, whether it's for play, concealed carry, or duty/back-up purposes.

Get one.
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