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APEX J-Frame Duty/Carry Spring Kit
Sale price: $25.95
 What it does: 
The J-Frame Duty/Carry Kit is the next evolution of drop in parts from ATS, Inc.  Installation of this kit reduces the trigger pull weight of your center fire J-Frame* Smith & Wesson Revolver from over 12 lbs to 9lbs. Remove the factory parts and install the J-Frame Duty/Carry Kit.
Parts included:  4 Pcs
  1. Apex Rebound slide spring
  2. Apex Main Spring
  3. Apex XP Firing Pin
  4. Reduced power firing pin return spring (light)   

Expected results:   

  • Trigger pull weight reduction from over 12lbs to 9lbs. 
Applicable to what guns:  
  • Works with all modern center fire J-Frame revolvers with the frame mounted firing pin. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Ken Lunde
(posted on Dec 01, 2013)
This kit seemed like the perfect addition to my S&W 640 Pro, which came with front and rear night sights, and boy, was this correct. I have never taken down a S&W revolver, so the videos helped a lot, and I probably couldn't have done this without them. My wife tried it, and compared it to the double-action trigger on my S&W M&P 360, and she could notice a big difference. Thank you!!!
Review by  John
(posted on Jul 29, 2013)
Just completed installation in my 640 Pro. What a difference! Watching the videos several times before starting gave me complete confidence. Like another reviewer mentioned, having the pickle-fork tool would have removed the only angst I had with that rebound spring, but I managed to get 'er done with no flying springs! If I can do it, anyone can do it!
Review by  Ivan McKinney Jr
(posted on Feb 09, 2013)
Trigger replacement went beautifully. Excellent insructional videos make it a snap for the novice gunsmith. The lighter trigger pull made all the difference in the world in holding on target.
Review by  Tyler G
(posted on Jan 28, 2013)
Just installed in my 637-2 power port and 340 pd. Wow, what a difference! Easy install with great results. A must have in any j-frame.
Review by  Sambo
(posted on Jan 12, 2013)
This kit is a must have for anyone with a j-frame. I did a little bit of polishing while I had my m&p 340 apart and now have an 8lb 12oz trigger pull. The revolver is much easier to shoot accurately now. Primer strikes are nice and deep, and the trigger reset is smooth and quick. I have complete trust in this kit. Lots of people don't agree with lightened hammer springs on self defense weapons, but the extra length firing pin and decreased power firing pin spring appear to make up for the decrease hammer spring. Many people consider j frames to be belly guns, but i have never agreed with that. All it takes is a lot of practice to smooth out the internals and learn to manipulate the long double action pull. It is all about producing a smooth, controlled, consistent squeeze straight through while maintaining your sight picture, no staging or jerking. This kit will no doubt make it much easier for anyone who is willing to put in the trigger time to shoot a snubby proficiently to at least 15 yards. Thanks Apex. This kit is a real winner.
Review by  woffle
(posted on Nov 12, 2012)
i was refered to this trigger kit by a local police officer which is a good friend of mine its in his backup the day i picked my 642 up i ordered this kit along with a rebound slide spring tool i absolutely love this upgrade that took a easy 5 minute install.just had to buy my fiance a 442 and was informed before a single shell in inserted in her gun that it WILL have this kit.thanks apex for this wonderful trigger kit along with the instructional videos
Review by  J-frameinsane
(posted on Oct 27, 2012)
This kit was fairly easy to install on my 642 J frame. Just refer to the recommended video. It really smooths out & significantly reduces the trigger pull. A difference of 3 lbs. doesn't sound like much, but it really improves accuracy & lessens fatigue. The safety factor of the J frame is maintained for concealed carry & after approx. 300 rounds, the pistol remains 100% reliable. I highly recommend this kit. Smith & Wesson should take note of this, as one of the consistent criticisms of the J frame is the lousy "stock" trigger pull. Thank you Apex Tactical for correcting this design flaw on an otherwise awesome concealed carry weapon.
Review by  hatosan
(posted on Aug 22, 2012)
The S&W should come with this already installed.... love it.
Review by  Ricochet
(posted on Jul 01, 2012)
S&W 442 trigger pull measured 13LB and had some roughness & creep before installing the Apex J-Frame Duty/Carry Kit. Installed this kit in conjunction with smoothing the DA sear & bevel shown on MidwayUSA video. Trigger pull now measures between 9LB to 9.5LB and very smooth with no creep.
Review by  Gonzo
(posted on Jun 22, 2012)
This was my first j-frame job. Study the videos. They really help. Get the strongest paper clip that will fit in hte hole in the mainspring...don't ask. This will make a significant difference in the operation of your j-frame, really..
Review by  whofan
(posted on May 06, 2012)
Bought this kit at the NRA convention in St. Louis. It took longer to watch the video than to do the upgrade. We did two in rapid sucession. We did not have the special tool, so it took four hands and a couple of small screwdrivers.
The results are well worth the effort. Shoots great without wearing out your trigger finger.
BTW, we did my 442 and my brother-in-law's 647 (?)full hammer.
Review by  Mechanically Challenged
(posted on Apr 18, 2012)
This kit is a great upgrade and definitely worth the money. My hand/wrist would get sore and tired when shooting my 642 but this kit made a huge difference in trigger pull. I am mechanically challenged, to put it nicely, but I followed the YouTube videos and was able to complete this upgrade without issue. Thanks Apex for a great product and making my CC .38 Special that much more enjoyable to shoot - Becky D.
Review by  Dean
(posted on Mar 22, 2012)
I put this in my model 442 Airweight, and I also used the $5 tool that APEX recommended. I think it would be a lot tougher without that tool. The trigger is still pretty stiff at 9#, but that's a lot better than 12#. I actually liked shooting this revolver before, but I like it even better now. I have been practicing shooting this one with my weak hand too, and the lighter pull has really helped with that. Thanks again APEX for the great parts, install videos, and service.
Review by  nexy
(posted on Jan 29, 2012)
just installed this in my model 60. what an improvement. buy the way, i got the magnetic tip S&W Rebound Slide Spring tool from midway which does fit the "j' frame, for about $5.00. definitely made the job even easier. went to the range yesterday to try it out and there was a significant improvement in accuracy and lower trigger pull weight. this is a great product!
Review by  Dalton Wayne
(posted on Jan 09, 2012)
Put the Apex kit in my 442 today, all I can say is WOW what a difference it made
I now have a decent trigger, install was very easy took all of ten minutes
Thanks Apex
Review by  Chute
(posted on Nov 23, 2011)
Dropped in spring kit on my wifes S&W J-frame Model638 and I feel like this was the best money I have spent on this weapon since purchasing it. Would recommend to anyone. She has fired 100's of rounds through it with no problems at all and without a stiff trigger finger afterwards from the factory setup.
Review by  iheartjframes
(posted on Sep 25, 2011)
The trigger pull from the factory on new S&W J-frames is unacceptable. This kit solves that problem. I installed the kit with a few simple tools and a (much needed) rebound slide spring tool. The trigger pull is still heavy enough that I feel comfortable pocket carrying the gun but much smoother and light enough to be easy to shoot. Money well spent.
Review by  MikeyLikesIt
(posted on Jul 14, 2011)
Installed the Main Spring and Slide Spring in my older Model 36. What a differance!!! The best thing since sliced bread. I highly recommend it for any stock Model 36. Invest in the rebound slide tool. It'll save you from getting a headache or even loosing an eye.
Review by  chmpgn
(posted on Jul 09, 2011)
Just installed the springs from the kit. First time inside a weapon. Easy as pie; however, is it necessary to install the firing pin kit to get the faster/lighter pull everyone speaks about? Is there a video to help as with the spring exchange.

chmpgn - newbe!
Review by  cyberiad
(posted on Jul 08, 2011)
I installed the Apex J-Frame kit in a mid-90s era no lock 442 tonight. As mentioned earlier, I found the opening of the Brownells S&W rebound slide tool was slightly too small to fit but that was easily resolved. The kit makes a tremendous positive difference. I also lightly polished the rebound slide as Scott mentioned in his video. I have not had the chance to fire the 442 yet but in dry firing the trigger pull is significantly lighter and smoother. Thanks Apex.
Review by  ArtCrafter
(posted on Jun 26, 2011)
@ nexy: The Brownells S&W Rebound Slide Spring Tool does not fit the J-Frame. The working end is too large in diameter. Still useful for the larger frames, though. HTH :)
Review by  nexy
(posted on Jun 04, 2011)
i installed the j-frame drop in duty/carry kit today in my s&w 637-2. took all of 15 minutes, and improved the trigger pull by several pounds. certainly a worthwhile upgrade. if i were to do it again, i'd invest in the smith & wesson rebound slide spring tool (brownells has them for about $20.00) as removal of that slide with a screw driver was the only part of the process that was a mite troublesome. other than that, it's a simple & quick upgrade that any mechanically inclined individual can easily handle.
Review by  Code3Patriot
(posted on May 24, 2011)
This was a easy install with the proper tools and Scott's YouTube video instruction. The trigger on my 642-1 is now super smooth and noticeably lighter on the pull. Thanks Apex, you guys rock!
Review by  BillG
(posted on May 17, 2011)
I installed this in my 438 tonight and took it to the range to make sure I didn't goof something up. Very big improvement in the trigger pull and I shot the best groups I've ever shot with this revolver. Well worth the small amount of cash!
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