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APEX SD Spring Kit
Sale price: $20.95


What it does:

This drop in kit produces a smoother trigger pull and improved reset along with lowering the trigger pull weight from 8 to approximately 5.5 lbs.  Specified for Duty/Carry use, this kit is the perfect complement to any Smith & Wesson SD pistol.

Parts included:  4 Pcs

  1. Apex Trigger Return Spring
  2. Apex Striker Block Spring
  3. Apex SD Striker Spring
  4. Apex SD Slave pin (to assist installation of TRS) 

 Expected results: 

  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Improved reset
  • Reduced trigger pull weight (approx 5.5 lbs.) 

Applicable to what guns:
  •  For use in the S&W SD line of pistols (i.e. SD9, SD40, SD9VE & SD40VE)*
  • *NOT for use in the SIGMA Series pistols.  If your gun is a SW9VE or SW40VE, this kit will not work in your gun.  You will need the Sigma Spring kit available here, Apex Sigma Spring Kit.
Note:  Perfectly designed for use with our Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger found here, Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger
*This kit DOES NOT include a sear spring.  We designed this kit to work with the factory sear spring, so removal and/or replacement of the sear spring is not necessary. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Duane
(posted on Apr 08, 2014)
This thing works great!!!! I love the lighter trigger and tho it was a little harder than Scotts change out on the video due to trigger pin binding in and out this was a breeze even for a first time gun owner. so far I have put 200 rounds thru it and am going to feed it a few more before I take the CHL qualifying test. Thanks Apex for a really great product and may just have to order the enhanced trigger after reading the reviews.
Review by  Ryan Shaffer
(posted on Mar 09, 2014)
I bought this kit for my SD40VE and followed the video. It only took about 15 mins to complete. The next day I went to the range,and was very pleased,the trigger was much smoother and my follow up shots improved a lot. So overall this is a must have product for a SD 9/40. I also installed a stainless steel guide rod from Galloway precision,I never liked the factory plastic guide rod.
Review by  Tracy Palmer
(posted on Jan 31, 2014)
I just finished, (with the help of the video), installing the spring kit and while I was at it, the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger on my new SD9ve. I had a little trouble getting the trigger pivot pin back in, trying to get the slide release lined up and all. But it went smoothly otherwise. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Shorter trigger travel, lighter pull weight and no detectable over travel. I was fortunate that I did not have to remove any material from the back of the trigger as some have had to do, according to the forums. I hated the original trigger because it had too much curl in it. My finger barely fit on it and it was uncomfortable. This Apex AET is great and much more comfortable. I also installed a Galloway Precision stainless guide rod and 17lb spring kit since I got it all in the mail today. REPLACE THAT CRAPPY FACTORY PLASTIC GUIDE ROD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Great products and fast shipping and customer support, (if needed). Thank you guys!!
Review by  Jonathan West
(posted on Jan 09, 2014)
Fantastic product. This kit brought my SD9 VE from 9+ lbs down to 5 lbs. Simple to install so long as you do not have trouble with the trigger pin. Which is NOT the fault of Apex. But be advised, sometimes the slide release jams the trigger pin and you really have to work with it to get the pin out. This spring kit brought my SD9 from 9+ lbs to 5 lbs trigger pull. Made all the difference.
Review by  Garett
(posted on Oct 10, 2013)
I just bought a Smith & Wesson SD40VE for my son here in Massachusetts & because we are in MA for the gun to be compliant it must have a 10lb trigger, HORRIBLE! We put 50 rounds through the gun & that night I was online ordering the APEX trigger spring kit & action enhanced trigger. I got it 3 days later & put it in. WOW what a difference! I expected nothing less from APEX. I bought their products for my M&P 40 & just love it. The SD40VE had a VERY LONG & hard trigger pull with an equally long reset. Now the weight & travel are about half. The parts went in & work as advertised. The only issue I had was with the Enhanced Action polymer trigger. After the install it would not consistently trip the sear. I looked on line & found that the frames on these gun are not always consistent, particularly in the trigger housing. Basically the trigger did not have enough space to travel rearward to fire. All I had to do is get out the micro files & remove some material from the frame behind the trigger, now it works perfectly & consistently. Definitely a great mod for this inexpensive pistol.
Review by  Chris dustman
(posted on Sep 26, 2013)
just installed this kit in my SD40. Took 15 minutes. What can I say that hasn't been said? Fixed the only thing I didn't love about this gun. Can't wait to order the trigger to go with it!!!
Review by  Jim Banks
(posted on Sep 16, 2013)
I installed the Apex Spring kit on my SD40VE and it seems like a completely different piece! I liked the original spring kit for home defense but I wanted to see how the kit would improve things. Prior to the install, I put 100 rds through it and was disappointed at the fact that my trigger finger was aching due to the 8 lb factory spring kit. After the install, I put 100 rds through it with no problem. I love this gun now! It's a lot smoother and literally feels as nice as a Glock. I was actually sad that I ran out of ammo. It made it that much more enjoyable to shoot and as others have said, more accurate as well.

It makes things a lot easier. And of course, always use the right tools.
Review by  SD40gc
(posted on Sep 06, 2013)
Installed the kit in my SD40. Took 15min. The video of scott installing it was a huge help. Wow what a difference it made. It's like having a whole new pistol. I'm very eagerly awaiting the AEK trigger for the SD. With that plus the kit it will rival any other pistol on the market. Even after the cost of the SD, the spring kit, and the trigger I'll still have less then 350 invested. Just awesome. What other model can come close? And the best part is everything is made in the USA.
Review by  shooter9mm
(posted on Sep 03, 2013)
Bought this kit and installed a few months ago. Super happy with the improvements to the trigger, its a crisp consistent pull every time. I've put about 1500 rds through my sd9ve since installing the spring kit and no issues. I ordered the shield carry kit as well, can't wait to put that in and see how much better it makes that one. Thanks apex for awesome products.
Review by  LeadPoison
(posted on Sep 02, 2013)
This kit is well worth the price. Easy to install and great results! THANKS APEX
Review by  Tony in Pensacola
(posted on Aug 20, 2013)
Many people write reviews when they are dissatisfied with a product or service, but I am a firm believer in writing when someone does a good job or puts out a quality product. To make that statement about apex tactical and their sd spring kit would be an immense understatement. I ordered this kit for my S&W SD40ve and could not be any happier. The kit was shipped promptly and after following along with the install video it was a breeze to install. After my first trip to the range my accuracy had greatly improved. The gun continues to fire flawlessly and the trigger pull is 100% better. I would highly recommend anyone who owns an SD model smith and Wesson to get this kit. You would be crazy not to.
Review by  DonB
(posted on Aug 06, 2013)
Another customer told me about this kit at the gun shop. After my wife compared the stock SD9 to my MP40c she said "fix it!".

The first two springs went exactly as per the video. Fortunately I had brand new 1/16" and 1/8" pin punches itching to be used. Perhaps it would be a good idea to list those as required tools as well as the white grease in a syringe.

As Bongoman, my trigger pin would "just not go" out the left side, but happily out the right. Took a little fussing and 2 tries to get it all clicked back in.

Gently polished where suggested with 400 grit freehand to take the sharp edges off, then installed sear. Tested action and found return was a bit rough. Polished front of ramp on trigger bar a bit more, problem solved.

Dry firing...WAY better and has a definite return now. Off to range tomorrow.

Total elapsed hour plus about 10 minutes to gather tools. Money and time well spent.

Review by  Stan
(posted on Jul 31, 2013)
I just installed this kit in a new SD 9VE and I'm VERY impressed!

I own four Kahr pistols to include a PM9 and a CW9 and I find the SD 9's trigger is now superior to these pistols. The SD 9 is equally as smooth and has a shorter trigger stroke and noticeably less stackup at the end of the trigger stroke.

If you own one of these pistols you MUST install this spring kit. I now own a pistol I paid 278 dollars for (on sale, Academy), invested another 20 dollars in and now have a pistol I like better than one I paid over 600 dollars for.....
Review by  Jim Mohan
(posted on Jul 11, 2013)
Excellent Service, I ordered it and had it within days. The installation video covered everything, I watched it twice and then had no trouble installing. It took about an hour but I took my time and I was also cleaning the gun at the same time as well. Thank you Apex, the trigger is so much better now. I can't wait to get to the range.
Review by  Mike
(posted on Jul 05, 2013)
I just purchased and installed the SD spring kit in my SD9VE. It's like having a new gun. We went to the range today and what a difference. Our grouping was so much better. Trigger pull weight feels great. My son and I installed it watching instructions on video and found it very easy. Still well worth buying and having a gun smith install if your not comfortable.
Thanks Apex.
Review by  Cool4U
(posted on May 29, 2013)
Wow! I know I'm repeating what others have said but in a word......WOW! I like everything about this gun but the trigger and am accurate with it. I was ready to accept $100 for this gun as a trade in for an M&P. I literally had my hand on my wallet getting ready to cover the difference and my wife said, "Why don't you look on line and see if there's a fix?" Since I had made the decision to buy I was a little irritated with her but, agreed to do so. I had to admit to her she was right. I had been shooting my gun regularly so the majority of polishing was done. A little here and there, install this kit!. My wife has a Ruger SR9 that has an awesome trigger. Shooting that Ruger accented the long, heavy pull of the SD40 and made me want a gun with a better trigger. After thousands of rounds I have only had one fail to eject. And that was with low grade target ammo. I am very accurate with it. Now that the trigger is fixed, I'll have it forever. Great work Apex. Thanks!
Review by  William Bell
(posted on May 27, 2013)
After installing this kit, there is a dramatic difference in the feel of the gun. Very nice improvement. The only complaint that I have is that the YouTube video is very good at explaining how to install this kit, it is somewhat more difficult than it appears. Especially when trying to reinstall the trigger pin and the ejector pin. If you have no experience in working on the finer parts of your pistol, I would suggest letting a qualified gunsmith do the work for you. I have to replace the ejector pin because it does not go back in very smooth. Other than that, the kit is well worth the money.
Review by  Bongoman
(posted on May 08, 2013)
I installed this kit last week. Adapting my analog fish scale to a rather crude trigger pull gage I measured my SD40VE at 7 lbs 14 oz prior to spring kit installation. After installation the pull was reduced to 5 lbs 6 oz. Whether these numbers are nuts on is not important. What the numbers show is that even with this simple gage trigger weight was reduced substantially. But what is really important is that after installation of this Apex kit my accuracy was greatly improved. The reduced trigger squeeze makes shooting more enjoyable. The trigger return spring supplied with the kit has caused absolutely no problems with the trigger reset so I would not consider retaining the factory spring. With regard to the kit installation the video covered every step. The only issue I had was that I could not remove the trigger pin from right to left. Years of gunsmithing my own firearms was of little value in applying the pressure necessary to drive the pin out as shown in the video. So I inserted the slave pin from the left side and the trigger pin instantly popped out on the right side. The trigger pin was reinserted from the left side as described in the video with no problems. This kit is a must for the SD40VE. For less than $25 it is transformed into a very enjoyable and accurate firearm by this kit. Without reservation I recommend installation of these Apex springs.
Review by  Andrew R.
(posted on Apr 22, 2013)
What can I add that hasn't already been said? My spring set went in in about 30 minutes, just working along with the video. It has made my pistol far more enjoyable and effective to shoot. Thanks!
Review by  2AFreedomLover
(posted on Apr 17, 2013)
Dear Apex Tactical,

I purchased your 6lb spring kit conversion for my S&W SD-9 and I can't thank you enough. The gun acts and behaves exactly like it did with the factory springs in every way except the trigger pull (sqeeze) is now reduced to almost perfect. The difference is dramatic and noticeably improved my accuracy and enjoyment in shooting. I commend you for offering a practical solution to the over-reaction design problem (for safety) of my gun with quality at a very reasonable price. Your instruction video is excellent also. Very well done with superb camera shots along with articulate verbal instructions. Two thumbs up to you and your staff.
Review by  Dan W
(posted on Apr 05, 2013)
Just did the install today after i ordered the kit last week. Overall i am happy. Sitting at the table WHILE watching the video step by step i was able to complete it in under 30 minutes. The worst part was working the trigger pin back in. The pull and reset is alot better than factory, however i notice a bit more slop with the first bit of trigger pull that i did not notice with the factory parts. But the lighter trigger and better reset makes it better either way. Overall i would recommend the kit to anyone with a SD 9/40.
Review by  Nakano
(posted on Mar 21, 2013)
I installed this kit in my SD9VE and although the trigger pull was greatly reduced, so was the reset of the trigger. Barely any pressure was needed to keep the trigger from moving forward to reset so I kept the other two Apex springs in and put the factory return spring back in. Not as light with the entire set in, but I like the reset better. Maybe a spring in between the factory and the current Apex trigger return spring would be just about perfect by still allowing a lighter pull and keeping a positive reset.
Review by  Drag Racer
(posted on Mar 12, 2013)
Very easy to instal. I watch the YOU TUBE Video for the instalation. Trigger pull is much better. Highly recomend this product.
Review by  kmoomoo1
(posted on Mar 07, 2013)
Works like a charm, simple installation. Not much more to say about this, it's a great value for the money, you can't go wrong.
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