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APEX M&P Aluminum Action Enhancement Trigger
Sale price: $76.95

What it does: 

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body machined aluminum trigger, and a center mounted pivoting safety.  The center mounted pivoting safety bar prevents unintended operation by creating a trigger block that will not disengage unless the shooter places their finger directly on the trigger face.  The flat target style trigger causes the shooter to place their finger on the center line of the trigger and encourages trigger manipulation directly to the rear (in line with the bore axis).  The AEK trigger also reduces pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 20% from the factory trigger.  It can be used in conjunction with any combination of M&P internals presently available from Apex Tactical* (except Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit), as well as any configuration from the S&W factory.  Perfect for use in M&P’s already equipped with an Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit or Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit.

Parts included:   3 Pcs 

  1.   Apex Action Enhancement Trigger (Aluminum)
  2.   Heavy Duty Sear Spring
  3.   Apex Trigger Return Spring Slave Pin  

 AEK Trigger Install Video 

*If you rare having trouble with the installation, please make sure to watch the full video.  Pay particular attention to 10:00 regarding the trigger bar loop adjustment. 

 Expected results:  

  • Flat face trigger causes the shooter to place their finger on the center line of the trigger. 
  • Reduced trigger pre-travel & over-travel by approximately 20% 

Applicable to what guns: 

  • All Smith & Wesson M&P Semi Auto Pistols - 9, 40, 357 Sig and 45 ACP models included. 
  • Not applicable to the M&P Shield. 


Note:  The polymer version of the Action Enhancement Trigger can be found here, Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger Kit.

  • Does not function with the Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit (FSS Kit)  
  • This particular product usually requires a slight modification to the trigger bar loop for proper function. Please carefully review the installation video for modification of the trigger bar loop.
  • This product is for use in Smith & Wesson M&P pistols only.  Do not use it in a Sigma, SD or SD VE series pistol.  Using this trigger in a Sigma, SD or SD VE series pistol can cause malfunctions.  A new trigger specifically for use in the SD can be found here, Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger.  

Before You Purchase: 

This product comes with a 1/8 inch diameter sear spring for use in the most modern sear housing blocks equipped with a 1/8 inch diameter sear plunger.  If your M&P has a 1/16 inch diameter sear plunger and spring, we strongly advise you upgrade to a new style sear housing block before installing this product.  All function and reliability testing was done with a 1/8" sear plunger and spring we cannot guarantee proper function without the appropriate size sear plunger and spring.  You may purchase modern sear housing blocks from or other online firearms product retailers. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Trigger Happy
(posted on Nov 04, 2013)
For me the Smith&Wesson M&P 9c and 40c are the ideal pistols for concealed carry. My 40c conceals easily and is comfortable in my N82 Tactical professional holster. The 9c is my wife’s EDC and works beautifully with her Pistol Packing Mama purses. We are not looking to hurt or shoot anyone. We just want to be able to protect ourselves should the need arise. A police officer was shot and killed near where my wife works in 2011. There is a lot more to personal safety than carrying a gun, but sadly that is one aspect of being more safe in our secular society.

M&Ps are great guns, well balanced, dependable, accurate, light weight, adaptable grips, solid construction, and ergonomic dreams. They come in a variety of calibers and sizes from the Long version with a 5" barrel to the Shield with it’s 3.1" barrel. The Achilles heel of the M&P is it’s trigger. Oh, it works and it works well, but it leaves a lot of room for improvement. Apex Tactical Specialities has filled that void with their line of Duty/Carry products.

Smith&Wesson obviously recognizes the problem because they offer the M&P Pistol Action Package in which they polish the ramp, tune the action, install the performance center sear, and test fire the weapon. The service is only$120 plus shipping or if you are in a hurry you can get their express service for $150.

Apex offers the Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit for 92.95 For another 39.95 you can add their polymer trigger and for 76.95 you can go all the way with the solid aluminum trigger. If you have the mechanical aptitude you can install the pieces yourself or you can have a gunsmith to install them for you. Apex has several excellent video’s explaining the install step by step. All you need is a 3/32 punch, a 1/8 punch and a small hammer, a roll of tape and patience. The install is straight forward and the customer support from Apex is awesome.

The first thing I did was check the trigger pull with my Lyman trigger pull gauge. Smith&Wesson advertises the trigger pull as 6.5 lbs from the factory. My M&P9c and my 40c both came in at 7lbs 3oz. from the factory. Both had the M&P gritty trigger. I experienced the grit was during the take up as the striker block cam on the trigger connection bar engaged the striker block. Immediately after installing the Ultimate Striker Block from Apex the grit was gone and my trigger pull had dropped one full pound to 6lbs 3oz.

My next install was the Apex sear spring. My M&P is one of the newer versions with the 1/8 inch spring. Just installing the Apex sear spring raised my trigger pull 5 full ounces to 6lb 8oz. I would have never thought that little spring could make such a difference.

I really hesitated about installing the Apex fully machined sear because I did not want to alter the geometry of the double action only trigger. To be honest it is a fine line between double action and single action. Two percent of 0.3 inches is like splitting hairs. However, I wanted to know so I coughed up the $42 dollars for the sear and proceeded with the install.

The Apex sear dropped the trigger pull to 5lb 12oz. I wanted to stay above the 5.5 pound trigger pull advertised by Glock. I figured that if a 5.5 pound trigger pull worked for 60 percent of the police officers who use Glocks that would be a safe range I could work with. I also reasoned that if Smith&Wesson offered a performance center sear as an upgrade, then the factory sear was not the best sear available.

In addition to the drop in trigger pull I noticed that the Apex sear was much more crisp as it released the striker. It was much more of a snap release rather than the push/snap of the factory sear. Amazingly you can feel that 2% double action.

The last step to my upgrade was to install the Apex AEK solid machined aluminum trigger. The M&P trigger is unique, but that is not necessarily a good thing. My guess is that after the Sigma ordeal, Smith&Wesson did not want any comparisons made with Glocks.

There is a cheaper alternative to the aluminum trigger by Apex and that is their polymer trigger. I was tempted to save the $37 bucks or in my case $72 bucks since I also installed the same system on my M&P40c. But I figured when you are in this deep go all the way.

The AEK trigger dropped the pull below my threshold of 5.5lbs to 4lb 9oz. But, then the trigger return spring brought me back into the safe zone at 5lb 15oz. It is a smooth crisp 5lb 15oz at that. Now I have two premium American made pistols but I have also paid premium prices.

The good news is that on our regular trips to the range both my wife and I tightened up our group sizes. Prior to June of 2013 it had been 40 years since I had fired a handgun of any type. My groups started out at 10" at the 7 yard line. By October 2013 I had tightened them up to 3.5 inches and kind of plateaued there. On our first trip to the range with the Apex fix my groups tightened up to 2.5 inches. In addition to providing a measure of personal safety, the M&P’s are just fun to shoot.
Review by  Rellamax309
(posted on Jul 18, 2013)
SOLID! No more mushy trigger! Installed in less than half hour M&P 40C.
100% immpressed! Satisfied! Recommend to everyone with an M&P pistol! Factory trigger is horrible IMO S&W should start installing these from factory! Great product! Transformed pistol. Love it now. Solid, no nonsense, straight forward and simple install. Makes a good gun GREAT! Seriously S&W should install in all pistols from factory!
Review by  447's Kid
(posted on May 05, 2013)
FOLLOW RANDY'S VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS and you won't have any problems.
Long, spongy takeup on my 9Pro 5" is gone. Mostly from eliminating the hinged trigger. Overtravel is minimal. Verified a 1/2# drop in trigger pull via scale. Some of this can be credited to cleaning and lubrication of all the internals on reassembly...Trips right at 4.5lbs w/stock "everything else". Can't wait to get it to the range.
One bonus was everything worked correctly first time through and I didn't have to make any adjustments to the trigger bar.
Review by  Eddie
(posted on Mar 31, 2013)
Installed this trigger along with the DCAEK kit on my S&W MP .40 Compact.

Unbelievable difference from what it was from the factory. I did the install myself for both kits after watching the YouTube videos and it was amazingly simple taking only about 45 minutes.

No more scratchy/rough trigger action and about half the trigger pull. Pull and reset are fantastic! Great product!!
Review by  carlos
(posted on Mar 11, 2013)
would this fit in an SD pistol?
Review by  Oldtimer
(posted on Feb 12, 2013)
I installed all the kits available for my M&P 9mm. When I took the gun apart I also replaced the sear block with an updated version from S&W. I have a strop that I use to hone my wood chisles and took all the parts that have metal to metal contact including the sear, striker and the sear locking block and the triger lever and polished all surfaces to a mirror finish. Prior to installing the kits the trigger pull on my gun was around 9.5 lbs and inconsistant. After polishing and installing the parts and with the larger spring in the new sear block the trigger pull is as smooth as glass. It is consistently 5 lbs. now. I loved this gun prior to all the modifications but now you couldn't take this gun away from me for love or money! Great job with the manufacturing of these kits. They are well worth the investment!
Review by  JOHN C
(posted on Feb 02, 2013)
Still eagerly awaiting that Polymer AEK trigger.
What your best present estimate from the manufacturer regarding shipment?
Review by  Alex
(posted on Dec 27, 2012)
I have the AEK Trigger as well as the DCAEK in my M&P40, and all I have to say is that it is absolutely fantastic. I couldn't be happier with it. I'm not sure which kit is responsible for this, but they have completely eliminated all of the gritty texture in the trigger. The reduced over travel was a huge improvement for me. Flat face of the trigger felt strange for me at first, but I have grown to love it. To say the least, this trigger has ruined all others for me.
Review by  mamayekmack10
(posted on Dec 23, 2012)
F 'ing flawless! This along with the DCAEK creates a whole new pistol. It takes my M&P9c to the next level. If you can afford to shoot for fun, then you can afford these parts. Work an extra day and you can see the improvement in your play. You can't go wrong.
Review by  Californialex12
(posted on Oct 11, 2012)
When will the polymer version be available, and at what price point?
Review by  x_one_x
(posted on Aug 16, 2012)
Dose this fit the Shield 9mm?
Review by  Edward O'Keeffe
(posted on Jun 22, 2012)
I love the trigger for the competition shooters but but I build most of the triggers for handicapped shooters. I love the center saftey and as with all the kits I have installed as compared to the video's on there installation they are not putting the little piece of cotton found in the factory trigger spring. I have noticed a variation of 1/4lb up to 3/4 lbwithout putting it back in the new spring. With the Aluminum trigger after I am through with a light polishing of the rough areas of the M&P and Shimming the sear , the trigger tends to be more consistant and I can almost assure of being wihtin 1/16 LB of the requested trigger pull and remaining 99.99999% safe I cannot control the shooter. as soon as I can afford some of my huge fixed income from the goverment for mydisabilities I will actually start replacing my M&P's. I replaced 8 Glocks with 8 M&P's because they are much easier to train with and tend to be more accurate as well as shoot lead bullets.The trigger gets a B+ as soon as I can afford some triggers for mine I will have a better idea of what my clients are saying and that is an A+ especially Helping prevent incendental discharges from those that must put their finger on the trigger when they draw a firearm.
Chris O
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Chief Range Officer
NRA Range Officer
Calif. Dept. Of Justice Instructor
Dept. of Defense Instructor
Review by  The Bully Militia
(posted on Jun 22, 2012)
Great product, easy to install, made my .357 sig much more enjoyable to shoot.
Super fast shipping
Review by  nick grobe
(posted on Jun 12, 2012)
When will the polymer version be out and what will be the cost?
Review by  bob solla
(posted on Jun 04, 2012)
i`ve had this trigger for a while now.ordered on friday,arrived on monday!install is straight forward,but recommend watching randy`s video,especially for adjusting trigger bar loop!this trigger installed with all the rest of the apex parts available for my full size 9mm make this the sweetest working gun i own!what a difference this trigger makes!if you don`t have it,get it,you`ll only end up envying us all!
Review by  Troy Jones
(posted on May 14, 2012)
Installed my new trigger and it feels so much better never thought a trigger could change how the gun shoots so much. Extremely easy install took about 30 minutes at most.
Review by  Rich
(posted on May 10, 2012)
Added the trigger and springs to the exsiting Apex sear. Holy crap, what an improvment in the trigger feel. 10X better than any trigger I have ever felt before and the guys at Apex are a huge help if need be.
Let's see what they have up there sleeve for the Shield.
Review by  Ryan
(posted on May 03, 2012)
Installed this trigger on my M&P-9 in combination with a new plunger and sear. In short, the performance is life changing with an instant increase in accuracy. The take-up is smooth (I prefer some take-up for a bedside protection gun and general idiot-proofing) the break is clean with almost zero over-travel, and there is no flex in the trigger like the stock plastic one. Appex has done it again. Now, if I could just get a RAM kit for my thumb-safety model the transformation will be complete...
Review by  MrM&P
(posted on Apr 25, 2012)
Man put this trigger in my M&P 40C along with my already installed DCAEK...all I have to say is WOW.
The trigger pull is LIGHT and smooth. Love the flat trigger. Definitely about 0% over travel now too as stated in the first post.

Question, any figures on what the DCAEK in combination with the AEK trigger reduces the guns overall trigger weight to?

Another Job Well Done Apex
Review by  carlton
(posted on Apr 14, 2012)
just wanted to say i order my trigger on 4-11-12 it arrived 4-13-12 which is mad fast considering im in Virgina,

as to the trigger i thought it was a bit pricey at first till i put the trigger in, and wow they say 20% overtravel reduction but it should say pretty much zero overtravel,

pre travel was perfect!!! not too short like FSS but not long like stock just right!!

flat trigger takes a little getting used to cuz you have to use your pad of your finger to disengage the plunger safety,but thats how your supposed to shoot. after that you really wont miss the stock trigger at all =)

only thing i would say negative about the trigger is that i wish the pad on the plunger safety was about 20-30% wider within the trigger but other then that 4.8 stars
Review by  Patrick
(posted on Apr 11, 2012)
I ordered this trigger on monday and received it today(weds). I watched the youtube installation video and it took less than 8 minutes to install with no fine tuning required. My kit was missing the trigger return spring so i used what was already there from the DCAEK. The trigger feels great, great product from a great company.

Thanks guys!!!!
Review by  Darrin
(posted on Apr 11, 2012)
Great job. Looks works and feels great
Thank you Randy and Clair.
Clair not only answers the phones but can answer technical questions as well.

Cons: The biggest problem I have found is trying to get my gun back if I let someone try it out.
Review by  Sam
(posted on Apr 05, 2012)
What is the difference between the aluminum version and polymer version?

Response from Apex: The only real difference aside from being made of polymer instead of aluminum is going to be that the face is more rounded as opposed to flat like the trigger is currently.
Review by  Iron Mike Webb
(posted on Apr 05, 2012)
To answe the question this mod would not be legal for SSP Division. "no visible external modifications allowed" You could shoot in ESP with this trigger though.

Michael "Iron Mike" Webb
IDPA Area Coordinator
Texas & New Mexico
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