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APEX M&P Shield Carry Kit
Sale price: $92.95
What it does:
The APEX Shield Carry Kit Kit (SCK) was designed to provide the M&P Shield pistol owner a smooth, consistent 5 - 5.5 lb trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and more detectable trigger reset.  All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top end, service pistol.  The kit itself is engineered to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing.  However, armorer or gunsmith installation of the USB into the Shield slide is strongly recommended**. 
Parts included:  7 Pcs
      1.   Fully machined Sear
  •     Ultimate Striker Block Kit

2.    Ultimate Striker Block

3.    Striker Block Spring

4.    Talon Tactical tool

  •      Shield Carry Spring Set

5.    Sear Spring (1/8")

6.    Slave Pin (to assist with trigger return spring installation)

7.    4 lb Rated Trigger Return Spring 

Expected results:
  • Trigger Pull in the mid 5lb range
  • Smooth Uptake and reset
  • Reduced over travel
  • Reduced reset
Applicable to what guns:
  • Smith & Wesson Shield only.  
  • Both 9 and 40 Caliber. 

Note: If you are interested in a replacement trigger for the M&P Shield, please see the Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger and Kit.  For further information regarding the trigger itself, please see Shield Action Enhancement Trigger.
**The Shield sight removal in order to install the USB Kit is extremely difficult.  Removal requires delicate precision so as not to damage the sights or slide. We highly recommend having a competent gunsmith perform this task.  
Apex Tactical Specialties offers this service for $35.00 (labor only), plus $17.50 return shipping.  If you decide to have Apex perform this service, mail in the slide portion ONLY of your Shield.  You may mail it directly to us via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  Please refer to our Services menu for more information,
  • You may need to make an adjustment to the trigger bar loop for proper function.  If you should need to tune your trigger bar, please follow the instructions on the following video, Trigger Bar Loop Adjustment. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Mike Curtis
(posted on Nov 22, 2013)
Had this kit added to my Shield and could not be more pleased with the feel of the trigger. Would not buy another Shield with out this upgrade.
Review by  JG
(posted on Jul 25, 2013)
First of all, thank you for the great customer service while ordering over the phone. Tamara was great and answered all my questions prior to ordering. After doing my own research, I decided to just go with the frame replacement parts for my shield 9. This was primarily because I didn't want to mess with the sights and although I'm sure the USB kit makes a big difference, the trigger was my main concern. After receiving the parts, I used the youtube video to complete installation. With the punches and a flat head screwdriver, I completed installation in 20 minutes. This made a huge difference in the reset and overall trigger pull which was verified after another 100 rounds thru the gun. Nobody wants to spend the extra money on a NEW gun's trigger, but in this case I'm truly glad I did. Thanks Apex!
Review by  m&p 9s
(posted on Jun 29, 2013)
Ive installed Apex duty kits on all 3 of my M&P9s: shield, 9c, 9 full. The shield duty kit is definitively better than stock but not near as smooth as the others. I have the Apex trigger installed on the compact and full size. I'm wondering if the trigger is making the difference? That said, Apex is the way to go and always worth the money. Just waiting patiently for the Shield trigger (aluminum)!
Review by  Bushwhicked
(posted on May 25, 2013)
Wow. Once again S&W produces a fantastic, ergonomic easy to shoot pistol...with a horrible trigger. And once again, Apex makes an easy to install parts kit that turns it in to a phenominal shooting gun. Easy to swap out in twenty minutes (or less if you've bought a few of their other products), and the immediate satisfaction of a crisp trigger with smooth know, everything Smith and Wesson should have made the M&P trigger to be in the first place. Or Glock for that matter.

Thanks for money well spent.
Review by  HarryD
(posted on Apr 19, 2013)
Not the same Harry as the last review, but just as impressed! I dropped this kit into my Shield in 20 minutes. This is my 2nd install of Apex kits, my first on the Shield. The slave pin is mandatory! I'm glad they provide one. The M&P's have taken the market by storm because they fit so well in the hand, but the factory trigger stinks! Apex parts give you a trigger to match the gun! Definately worth it, you won't believe the difference!
Review by  Harry
(posted on Apr 03, 2013)
I've installed Apex trigger kits on several M&P's, but I must admit the Shield is more challenging than most to work on. So much so that you could get easily a bit distracted (The Apex sear is the BLACK one... thanks Steve!). The end result, however, is well worth the effort. So watch the video carefully and be patient. Aside from the "welded" rear sight issue (Save yourself some heartache and get hold of a sight pusher), the instructions cover all the peculiarities of the Shield most admirably. In the end, like all Apex trigger products, this kit will give you a lighter, smoother, and more effective trigger, and will change your good little gun into a demonstrably BETTER one!
Review by  Happydude
(posted on Mar 18, 2013)
Installed the carry kit in my shield Saturday. Wow what a wonderful upgrade. Worth the time and effort. The rear sight was a bear to remove and I was using a sight pusher. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It makes the gun just about perfect. Thanks for a great product. Two thumbs up from me!
Review by  TR
(posted on Feb 27, 2013)
I installed this kit in my Shield, at least the spring kit and the Apex sear. The USB kit, however, is a different story. This kit is a definite upgrade to the Shield even without the USB kit. I would recommend this upgrade to anyone with a Shield - It just makes an already good firearm that much better.
Now, with that being said, I am a little frustrated with the "do-it-yourself" quality of USB kit part of the package. I have removed many sights from several different firearms and the Shield's rear sight is NOT easy to remove. I gave up after I started to mar the side of my rear sight (with appropriate tools and more than adequate force). I would have appreciated a little warning with this kit, especially due to the ease with which the rear sight is removed on the installation video.
Again, I would still recommend this kit. It is a HUGE upgrade. I would only warn that you should prepare to 1) potentially mar your rear sight and 2) spend extra money to have a gunsmith install the USB portion of the kit.
It is possible that my Shield is more difficult than most, and I'm sure others may have no problems. I'm still debating on whether spending extra money to have the USB put in is worth it.
Review by  dc.sunsets
(posted on Feb 16, 2013)
The stock Shield trigger was very heavy (upwards of 8 lbs, I'd guess) and exhibited between 2.5 and 3mm of overtravel. This meant that when fired (or dry-fired) one-handed, the sights visibly shook when the striker released no matter how the gun was held or the trigger pressed. I bought the Apex kit, hoping it would reduce overtravel enough to make the $100 or so kit worthwhile.

The installation video worked well, with one minor hiccup; in the video the rear sight drifted off the slide with moderate hammering, while in my experience S&W might as well have welded the sight in the dovetail. I had to pound the living heck out of it the whole way, and were I not likely to replace the sights sooner or later I'd be a bit unhappy about slightly marring the rear sight with all that pounding. A flat punch the width of the sight is essential; a round one will really mar the sight.

The Apex kit uses a stronger trigger spring and the effect is a longer take-up and sear release occurs much closer to the trigger stop in the trigger guard. The effect is more like a 2-stage trigger, where the stack for the second stage feels lighter and is more manageable and predictable. Overtravel was reduced to about 1mm, and due to the lower difference between trigger force at let-off and the rest of the trigger's travel, the gun shakes little or not at all now with dry-firing. I don't have a trigger gauge but the claimed 5-5.5 lbs seems about right. It is definitely lighter than stock, but overall I expect much better results. The trigger now is much more like a Glock with a Ghost Rocket connector albeit with a little more take-up, a tiny bit more overtravel, and slightly heavier final stack. I'm very pleased with the kit.

Review by  TDC
(posted on Dec 01, 2012)
It is usually fairly inexpensive to reduce the pull weight but cam be expensive to reduce the other factors like takeup, overtravel, reset, how clean the brake is, etc... This kit will clean up & greatly improve the overall quality and feel of the trigger pull as the weight is only 1 factor in "perceived trigger pull. I don't know that I would want any less than a 5lb pull on a backup/pocket/bag/purse gun.
Review by  Warrior41
(posted on Nov 24, 2012)
I reviewed your installation video. It was excellent. However, I have a question, why should I purchase at, $90.00, a trigger kit that might reduce my current trigger pull (which I do not like) from 6 lbs to possibly 5.5 lbs?

Appreciate a reply.
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