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APEX Glock Failure Resistant Extractor - Gen 4
Sale price: $59.95

 What it does:

Apex Glock Failure Resistant Extractor:  Machined from a billet of Aerospace grade stainless steel, the Apex G-FRE boasts a more robust extractor claw and improved geometry to produce the most durable extractor available today.

Apex Glock Extractor Spring:   Provides extractor tension to allow the extractor claw to engage the rim of the cartridge appropriately in order to ensure correct extraction and feeding.

Parts included:  2 Pieces 

  1. Apex Glock Failure Resistant Extractor (Generation 4)
  2. Apex Glock Extractor Spring 

Expected results:  

  •  Improved reliability based on improved geometry of the extractor hook and high quality materials. 

 Applicable to what guns: 

  • Generation 4 - 9mm Glock pistols (Glock models 17, 18, 19, 34)* 
  • *Not tested to work with any caliber except for 9mm.
  • **Not for use with the Glock Model 26 - Model 26 version coming soon.


Recommendation for best function: 

  • Spring Load Bearing for Glock Model 17, 19 and 34* - Glock Item # SP01176 (Available at, or
  • Glock 30274 Ejector  

Note:  Only for use in the Generation 4 Glock pistols.  Generation 3 model can be found here Glock Failure Resistant Extractor - Gen 3.

Customer Reviews

Review by  AlanC
(posted on Mar 14, 2014)
This is the ticket for brass to the face issues. Be sure to follow Apex's recommendation on the Glock 30274 Ejector and Spring Load Bearing also.
Review by  Philipp S
(posted on Feb 16, 2014)
Gen3 19- ran fine the first 1000 rounds, started getting weak and erratic ejection. Took it to a 2-day class where I had a couple stovepipes and many casings to the head including one landing down the back of my shirt burning my neck. That was the last straw and I installed the Apex FRE and 30274 ejector. Strong, consistent ejection with not a single malfunction or stoppage since. ¡Muchas gracias Randy!!
Review by  Mike C
(posted on Nov 20, 2013)
I just bought a Glock 19 Gen4 about 6 weeks ago. I took it to the range and shot 200 rounds. The brass was ejecting up and over my head and erratically 3,4 & 5 o clock in relation to the firearm. I purchased the Gen 4 FRE and installed it with the suggested Glock extractor bearing SP01176.

1 week ago I took the Fighting Pistol course at Tactical Response, where I shot over 700 rounds in 2 days. Not one single brass to face, stovepipe, failure to eject or erratic brass ejection. Matter of fact the ejection was so powerful that I nailed one of my classmates in the face several feet to my right. Very positive and consistent ejection pattern. I will be buying a second to have on hand as a ready spare.
Review by  Henry
(posted on Mar 20, 2013)
Im very happy with this extractor. I was having a stovepipe per every 60 rounds until I put the APEX in. I have not had a single malfunction of any kind in the 1000 rounds I have fired since installing the APEX. I tried a Lone wolf extractor too and couldn't get through a single mag without a stovepipe.
Review by  Gen4Guy
(posted on Dec 11, 2012)
So far, I've put 1,500 rounds through a Gen 4 G 17 with the Apex extractor and haven't had any more brass to the face or cases dribbling out on ejection. Of course, that is only 1500 rounds. When I get to 10,000 I will report back on how it is doing. My guess, though, is that it will continue to work well given the obvious quality in its manufacturing (particularly compared the the Glock original).

I have no idea why Glock isn't trying the same thing itself, but until it does, I think this is the way to go. It's a shame that one has to spend extra money to get a Glock to work like a Glock, but thank you Apex for coming up with a fix.

Review by  JCM1976
(posted on Nov 28, 2012)
I bought the gen 4 one and yes it works. Will be buying the gen 3 once they are in stock. Good product, a little pricey, but worth it.
Review by  TK
(posted on Nov 12, 2012)
Solved all my extraction issues with my Gen 4 9mm pistols.

This is the answer to your erratic ejection issues.

Can't wait for the Gen 3 model.
Review by  Bill B
(posted on Nov 11, 2012)
Got the extractor kit as well as the recommended Spring Load Bearing last week and installed the parts on my G17 gen4. No installation issues - parts fit like a glove. Went to the range today shooting Blazer Brass 124 gr FMJ and all ejections were strong and consistent between 4-5 o'clock. While my gun never had an FTE issue, I had VERY erratic and or weak ejection with a variety of loads and no discernible pattern.

This kit has solved the problem for me . Job well done...too bad Glock couldn't / wouldn't get it right. Thanks to Randy and Apex. I'm a satisfied Customer.
Review by  Jimmy
(posted on Nov 01, 2012)
After shooting my friends G19 with the Apex Glock Extractor I knew I had to have one.
Just ordered mine today and will report back when I ring it out.
Thanks Randy & Co.
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