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APEX M&P Polymer Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit
Sale price: $129.95

What it does: 

The Apex Polymer Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit features a solid polymer trigger body, with center pivoting safety. This kit will set the trigger break point farther forward than the factory trigger assembly as well as, significantly reduce the uptake and over travel (varies).  It produces a trigger pull as close to a 1911 trigger as possible in a polymer frame pistol. The Polymer Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit boasts a smooth trigger pull throughout the break.  The rounded trigger face provides the user with a comfortable surface for the firing finger. The kit comes with 2 trigger return springs; one designed to produce a 4lb trigger pull, and one to produce a 5.5lb trigger pull.  These two options give the end user the ability to customize their trigger pull for their specific needs.

Parts Included:  10 Pcs

1.    Apex Polymer Forward Set Trigger

2.    Forward Set Sear

·         Ultimate Striker Block Kit

3.    Striker Block

4.    Striker Block Spring

5.    Talon Tactical tool

·         Forward Set Spring Set

6.    Sear Spring

7.    RAM Spring (provided if you previously purchased a RAM, replace with this spring in the FSS)

8.    Trigger Slave Pin

9.    4 lb Rated Trigger Return Spring

10. 5.5 lb Rated Trigger Return Spring (painted Green)



Expected results:

  • Reduced trigger pre-travel and over travel to produce a feel similar to a single action fire control system.
  • A smooth trigger pull all the way through to the break.
  • Improved safety values through the use of a center mounted pivoting safety.
  • 4lbs or 5.5lbs trigger pull weight, depending on which trigger return spring is installed with the kit. 

Applicable to what guns: 

  • All Smith & Wesson M&P Semi Auto Pistols - 9, 40, 357 Sig, and .45 ACP models included.  
  • Not applicable to the M&P Shield.   


  • This particular product usually requires a slight modification to the trigger bar loop for proper function.  Please see the Trigger Bar Loop Adjustment video in order to tune the trigger bar.
  • This kit REQUIRES the use of the larger 1/8 inch sear spring & plunger set up**.


NEW!!  The Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit now includes a Heavy Trigger Return Spring (painted Green) to provide the end user with the ability to increase their trigger pull weight to 5-5.5 lbs if you desire. 

Before you purchase:   

This product comes with a 1/8th inch diameter sear spring for use in the most modern sear housing blocks equipped with a 1/8th inch diameter sear plunger.  If your M&P has a 1/16th inch diameter sear plunger and spring, we strongly advise you upgrade to a new style sear housing block before installing this product.  All function and reliability testing was done with a 1/8th" sear plunger and spring we cannot guarantee proper function without the appropriate size sear plunger and spring.  Modern sear housing blocks can be found on and other online firearms product retailers. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Spry
(posted on Feb 12, 2014)
This kit has completely changed my relationship with my M&P pistol, making it a joy to shoot. I was very intimidated to install the kit myself. However, the excellent video posted by Randy, coupled with the Apex armorer's block, made installation no problem. I feel like I'm shooting a 1911 now!

Review by  marcin lambrych
(posted on Oct 09, 2013)
I came upon this website about a month or two ago and purchased the kit for $129. I have a S&W M&P 45 full size. Like everybody here is saying the trigger is not very appealing. Since I installed the new trigger and spring with the rest of the items that came with the kit, went shooting a couple of times and felt the difference. I'm not an expert shooter and my aim is terrible but with the new parts saw a difference. Gun feels a lot smoother and the trigger is a lot tighter then the original. Eliminated all the extra pull. As soon as I put my finger on the trigger and give it just a little pull bam its there. I put the 5.5lbs spring on it and its still a bit tight but a lot easier then the original 7lbs. Very happy with the purchase. The trigger makes the gun look so much better. Great job.
Review by  Gary H
(posted on Aug 31, 2013)
Had my sear and trigger kit recently installed. It improved the trigger reset and break on my M&P 9c. Also, solved a gritty trigger problem. Highly recommend.
Review by  Stump
(posted on Jul 11, 2013)
Recently installed this kit on my .45 and I was skeptical at first that the difference in the trigger would actually improve my accuracy. I was wrong, my groupings shrank and the reduced pretravel really helped on follow up shots. My buddies are jealous there pistols don't have a product like this. This kit is amazing and very simple to install. The trigger break is clean and crisp as it should be. If you are worried about safety due to reduction in pretravel don't be, there is still a little left, enough to feel safe, so don't worry about accidental discharge. This kit is worth the money and I look forward to adding this kit to my other M&P pistols. I also want to note the speed at which Apex filled my order,extremely fast. All smiles here. Thank you Apex
Review by  Novice.
(posted on May 31, 2013)
This is amazing. I was hesitant to put this in myself because I have never done such a thing before, but I used the video as a guide. And the instructions and demonstration were succinct and very in depth. This setup cleaned up everything I disliked about the trigger in my M&P 9mm full size. Shot it after I installed and it felt completely different. Thank you for such a fantastic product.
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