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APEX M&P Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger
Sale price: $39.95

What it does:

The Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger, and a center mounted pivoting safety.  The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter’s finger while firing.  The trigger also reduces pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 20% from the factory trigger.  Perfect for use in M&P’s already equipped with an Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit or Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit.

Parts included:   3 Pcs 

  1.   Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger
  2.   Heavy Duty Sear Spring
  3.   Apex Trigger Return Spring Slave Pin  

 AE Trigger Install Video 

*If you rare having trouble with the installation, please make sure to watch the full video.  Pay particular attention to 10:00 regarding the trigger bar loop adjustment.  

Expected results: 

  • Smooth face trigger with a solid body to produce a more comfortable trigger face for the shooter’s finger. 
  • Reduced trigger pre-travel & over-travel by approximately 20%.

Applicable to what guns: 

  • All Smith & Wesson M&P Semi Auto Pistols - 9, 40, 357 Sig and 45 ACP models included.  
  • Not applicable to the M&P Shield.  

Note:  The aluminum version of the Action Enhancement Trigger can be found here, AE Trigger.

  • Does not function with the Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit (FSS Kit) 
  • This particular product usually requires a slight modification to the trigger bar loop for proper function. Please carefully review the installation video for modification of the trigger bar loop. 
  • This product is for use in Smith & Wesson M&P pistols only.  Do not use it in a Sigma, SD or SD VE series pistol.  Using this trigger in a Sigma, SD or SD VE series pistol can cause malfunctions.  A new trigger specifically for use in the SD can be found here, Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger.

Before You Purchase: 

This product comes with a 1/8 inch diameter sear spring for use in the most modern sear housing blocks equipped with a 1/8 inch diameter sear plunger.  If your M&P has a 1/16 inch diameter sear plunger and spring, we strongly advise you upgrade to a new style sear housing block before installing this product.  All function and reliability testing was done with a 1/8" sear plunger and spring we cannot guarantee proper function without the appropriate size sear plunger and spring.  You may purchase modern sear housing blocks from or other online firearms product retailers. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Ryan Merchant
(posted on Apr 01, 2014)
I installed this trigger along with the competition action enhancement kit and the reset assist mechanism today and what a difference. I let a few guys at work who have shot my M&P pro 9mm before feel it and they all said it was night and day. It is truly a piece of art when it comes to smoothing out and reducing the trigger pull on the pistol. This trigger is FAR better than the factory trigger. I don't understand how the factory trigger is even considered a "safety style" trigger. Unless you grab the absolute top of the factory trigger it is going to pull back every time. With this polymer AEK trigger, it forces you to properly place the tip of your finger on the trigger in order to disengage the lever safety. Some of the guys at work thought there was something wrong when they went to test fire the trigger due to not properly engaging the trigger. That alone made it worth my money and made me see it as a true safety trigger. I used the sear spring from the competition kit rather than the one that comes with the trigger kit due to wanting a light trigger break. It is almost too light, but if you want competition it doesn't get much better. I might play around with the sear springs to see if I can get a combination that is custom to me. Overall, worth every penny. The Pro series should have come with this from the factory.
Review by  Steven Howard
(posted on Mar 26, 2014)
OUTSTANDING product, changed the whole feel of my 40c. Will be ordering an armorers block next.
Review by  Jim Thorne
(posted on Nov 12, 2013)
I ordered the Apex polymer trigger from MidwayUSA, then picked it up there a few hours later since I live about 20 minutes away. I installed it on my April 2013 M&P 9C in about 20 minutes. With the original S&W hinged trigger, the trigger bar had a gap in the loop of .013". Like it showed in Randy's aluminum AEK video, after initially installing the poly trigger with no loop adjustment it would not engage the sear enough to release the striker. So, after I adjusted the loop .010" wider to .023" then the new trigger worked perfectly. My gun already had the DCAEK kit previously installed. Before purchase, I was concerned that the new poly trigger would retain enough pretravel, but after installation, I realize that it does. In fact, I think it is now perfect. The Apex poly trigger starts out farther back towards the break than the original hinged trigger which has to hinge back to become yes, the new trigger has less pretravel but this is mostly because it doesn't have to hinge back to become rigid like the original trigger. I carry this pistol concealed in an inside the shirt PistolWear elastic holster about four days per week, and now it feels much safer when holstering because of center trigger safety. After shooting about 50 rounds at the range, I can say this has really improved the feel of the gun. The Apex poly trigger body is much more rigid and predictable than the original trigger. Way to go Apex! The Apex poly trigger and DCAEK kit is the way this duty/carry pistol should have shipped from the factory. Jim
Review by  Michael Perez
(posted on Oct 07, 2013)
Ordered on a Wednesday, received on Saturday. Install took only 10 after watching the video once. The feel of the trigger transformed the way the m&p felt in my hand. I can't wait to take it to the range to see how my shot grouping will be affected. Thank you Apex for such a great product. I will be ordering more from here very soon.
Review by  mrwilli
(posted on Aug 25, 2013)
Purchased the Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger Kit 8/22, delivered USPS priority mail two days later. I'm far from being a gunsmith but after a prior install of the Apex Hard Sear and USB kits, I felt confident and followed Randy Lee's installation video which guided me through the steps. I took my time and was patient, didn't force anything and had to widen the candy cane about an additional .010 to get the right over and under trigger travel. Be sure to measure your original clearance. You may want to return to your original trigger configuration. Highly recommended upgrade. Very close to the same feel of my Glock 19 trigger.
Review by  DIRTYJOE
(posted on Jul 07, 2013)
Got my poly aek trigger today! Install and tweaking of the loop was a breeze. In addition with the dcaek, in my .45fs makes the M&Ps one of finest polymer handguns in the world today, if not the finest. Keep up the good work APEX. Customer for life.
Review by  dustin
(posted on Jun 26, 2013)
Install was a bit of a pain because i didn't have a punch small enough, but after some Macgyver work I managed to get everything together. Trigger feels better than I expected. With the competition spring kit it's ridiculously smooth, and exactly what i want in a trigger. $40 is a tad overpriced, but the improvement is worth the money. Another great product and great service from usual
Review by  Denny
(posted on Jun 13, 2013)
I just installed the poly trigger on my M&P 9, which has the USB and sear already installed.

This is the trigger that S&W should have been putting on these very good guns since the beginning, because this trigger makes a very good gun actually a great gun. This is worth the cost, every bit of it. Thanks!
Review by  JohnW
(posted on May 27, 2013)
My M&P 9mm compact is complete! This trigger does exactly as described. I did have to open the trigger bar loop up quite a bit as Randy at Apex shows in his AEK trigger install video. The great thing is this trigger takes away all the flex and pre travel. The trigger travel is noticeably shorter and the big plus is there is much more sear engagement on the reset with the loop opened up. I still installed the included heavier sear spring to avoid any chance of sear flutter. I have the Apex sear and USB installed. I use the factory striker block and trigger spring for a 4lb 7oz trigger break. This is the trigger weight I'm used to from shooting mostly 1911 model pistols. This is a safer trigger design as the old hinged trigger could be pull by contact on the edge of the trigger when re holstering. The center blade on the Apex design would require direct contact on the center face of the trigger. The Apex trigger even seems to have a larger more positive safety engagement before disengaging. Now I just need the curve RAM to be released for my M&P 45 compact. I'm an apex customer for life when it comes to my M&P needs.
Review by  BrianB
(posted on May 25, 2013)
Ordered my Polymer trigger on Wednesday and it arrived today(Saturday). I could not wait so I installed it today also. It is amazing. It is really worth the money.

I could not wait to get that piece of crap stock trigger out of the gun. I already had the Duty/Carry kit installed in the gun. This trigger now completes it. This is how it should come from the factory. Nice crisp, clean break with very little travel.
Review by  Texaspoff
(posted on May 25, 2013)
IMO the AEK is a must have for all M&P pistols. My biggest complaint about the M&P has always been the hinged trigger. Installation was breeze, and required the typical trigger bar loop adjustment to correct sear engagement. This is how the M&P should be coming from the factory. If you want a Glock trigger in your M&P, then this is it. This is the perfect set up for a duty/sd/hd weapon. TXPO
Review by  Californialex
(posted on May 23, 2013)
Finally ordered the long awaited poly trigger!!! Yeaaaaa!!! Ordered it on Monday night, shipped Tuesday, Arrived Wenseday. I guess it helps living only 2 hrs away from there shop. Now for the bummer..... I installed both the trigger and heavy duty sear spring, reassymbled the gun and tried to dry fire but no joy. The trigger pull is awesome but no click even pulled all true way back meaning no firing of the weapon. Tried taking it down and reassembling it 2 more times just to insure I wasnt missing anything. I have an email into the crew here at apex so I'm sure they will get back to me and have this figured out in no time. I do also have to say that every other apex install and component I've added ( DCAEK, Ram) has been flawless. I will update as soon as this is resolved but I have no worries apex is going to come threw for me.
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